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Guangzhou is a thriving city and a major textile distribution center in southern China. The Guangzhou wholesale markets offer not only ready-made products like garments and fashion accessories, but also materials like fabric, leather, and garment accessories.

Most markets are located in areas with dozens of markets specializing in the same product category. In each market building, there are thousands of wholesalers and manufacturers, therefore these marketplaces provide access to a gigantic product portfolio!

Which Products are you looking for?

Most wholesale markets in Guangzhou specialize in a certain products. We listed them in the categories below so that you can easily find what you are looking for.


Many people ask us, which specific market they should visit, in order to purchase certain products. In Guangzhou, there are several areas where lots of wholesale markets are clustered. Before you start thinking about the market building or even thee specific wholesaler, check which area is the right one for you!

Guangzhou Wholesale Market Map

Below you can see the most detailed map of Guangzhou’s markets with more than 150 wholesale markets. Zoom-in and you’ll be surprised by the number of markets in each area!

Guangzhou Wholesale Market List

This list contains 150 wholesale markets in Guangzhou.

Join the conversation!

Have you visited the wholesale markets in Guangzhou City or do you plan to come here soon? Share your story with us!

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  1. Thank you so much for suggestion. But above all, which one should we visit for medium quality garments.

    1. Hello Jyoti, for medium quality garments I would recommend you to visit the wholesale markets on Zhan Xi Lu, which are near Guangzhou Railway Station. They are a bit more far away from the station than other market buildings, but the prices are lower than at the markets that are close to the station. You can also visit the Shahe wholesale markets, which offer low to medium quality garments, but at good prices. The markets in the south of that area are more modern and have better quality than the markets in the north of Shahe. Remember to negotiate and go away when you don’t get a reasonable price. When you pretend to leave they might give you a discount.

  2. Greetings! Thank you for your response! I’m looking to buy great quality human hair, hair wefts and wigs. Where do you recommend I go for the best quality with the lowest prices?

    1. I am not an expert for this kind of products. The only wholesale market of which I know that some manufacturers and wholesalers have booths there is 名商天地龙头市场 (Pinyin: Míng shāng tiāndì lóngtóu shìchǎng, translated as Mingshang World Leading Market or Mensa Leather Material Market) which is located at 222 Guanyuan West Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou (See the Website or Baidu Streetview). I don’t know about the prices and the quality of the products.

  3. Hi, the store shown here are mostly for cloths, what about home decor, flower and garden products, iron and steel fabricated products for home and garden use, electronics etc. Can you help me?

    1. Hello Walunila!
      Yes, you are right. We are a clothing manufacturer and that’s the reason why we focus on wholesale markets which are related to our business. I am not familiar with markets which offer other products, so I can only provide a few information: I found a website about the Flower Markets in Guangzhou. For home decor you could visit One Link Plaza according to information from Life of Guangzhou. For electronic, there are more markets in Shenzhen, but you can take a look at the list of electronic markets. Hope this helps a bit!

  4. Hi, I’m looking for fashion accessories like dokoh and beads also brooches. Can you give me a suggestion where the wholesale markets are to get those things? Thank you.

  5. Greeting. I would like to know about wholesale market of watch and clock markets. Where do you suggest?
    Thanks for your time.

  6. Hi Simon,
    I am looking for markets in Guangzhou that sell trendy clothes for plus size women.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Amanda,
      It is not that easy to find those clothes, because most wholesalers are not focused on export and most people in China are slim. There are only single booths in the wholesale markets for these clothes. I found the Article “Large Size Clothing in Guangzhou“. The first Market (Fuli Fashion, 富丽时装) is in Foshan City (as far as I know). The second one is for men. So two wholesalers are left: The third one is called Tailun (泰伦, Pinyin: tài lún) located in Grand Plaza (宏城广场, Pinyin: Hóngchéng guǎngchǎng, Location: Tianhe District, Guangzhou). The fourth one is O’ma (欧马, Pinyin: ōu mǎ), which is located on the third floor of China Plaza (广州中华广场, Pinyin: Guǎngzhōu zhōnghuá guǎngchǎng, Location: 33 Zhongshan 3rd Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou). Good luck!

  7. Hello Sir,
    Thank you for your replies to everyone who asked you.
    Can you please help me to find wholesale markets for coffee accessories like coffee sets and mugs, and also small flower pots.

    1. Hi Meli,
      There are markets for hotel supplies and catering equipment. We don’t have them on our website yet, but you can find them on GZ Shopper. I guess you will also find flower pots there, but I am not 100 percent sure.

      1. Thank you for your very quick reply. I really appriciated that, do you have any information about sunglasses also ?

  8. Hi Simon! I want to go to Guangda shoes wholesale market. I think that there are clothes wholesale markets there, too. How to go there, please? And how is their hour working day?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Olivia,
      Guangda Shoes Wholesale Market is in Shijing Subdistrict (of Baiyun District), together with 10 other markets that offer clothing for women, men, and kids.
      There is no metro station in Shijing, so if you want to use public transportation, you would have to go there by bus or by partially by metro and bus. From Guangzhou Railway Station it takes about 1 hour. The alternative would be to take a taxi/cab.
      The shoes wholesale market is open from 11 am to 7 pm, as far as I know. Currently, there are Chinese New Year holidays. The market should be open again next week.

  9. Hi Simon,
    I want to know where I can buy garment accessories like button, zip etc. in Guangzhou for better prices.

  10. Hello Simon,
    can you give me any info about Guangzhou wholesale markets for building construction material, and worker fabrics?

  11. Hi Simon Kanne, can you please suggest me the wholesale market for bed sheets and bedspreads.
    I also appreciate, if you could suggest a market for classic dinner sets.
    Thank you

  12. Hey sir Simon. I just want to ask which place is best to buy dri-fit? The price should be cheap, I don’t need the original quality. Thank you in advance for your reply.

  13. Hi Simon. Can you tell me the wholesale market where I can find trendy and fashionable women garments. Like gowns, tops, dresses and trousers.

  14. Hi, I would like to know how we can contact the suppliers from the markets directly for a bulk order.

    1. Hello, that’s not that easy. The websites of some markets list the wholesalers. You can also search in Google with the address of the markets. A few wholesalers have websites. Good luck!

  15. We are in Foshan now and we want to buy KTM branded motorcycle racing suits, T-shirts, motorcycle gloves, safety suits, branded motorcycle bags etc. Any shops where we can go?

    1. I don’t really know, I was never involved in the business of motorcycle clothing before. On its website, KTM lists no dealer in Guangzhou and one dealer in Foshan: Jin Lei KTM Foshan. Unfortunately, the Chinese address is not readable, but you can find the phone number on that page if you click on the icon on the map.

      I don’t think that legitimate KTM clothing is cheaper in China, because western Brands are often more expensive in China, especially vehicles. I hope you don’t mean unauthorized copies!

  16. Hi Simon, apart from zhongda and textile market in Guangzhou somebody said chunta and khachou market are also textile wholesale markets. I want to know if it is right?

    1. Hello Imtiyaz,
      Thank you for your comment! I haven’t heard of these markets before, but when I searched on Google for “chunta market”, Google suggests “chungta market guangzhou”, which means that also other people are looking for it. Unfortunately, there is no information about these markets in English and I also don’t know the Chinese name. If I find information, I will update this comment and list the markets on our website!

      1. Hi Simon, I think Chungta is Zhongda only misspelled and khachao market is actually Keqiao, which is in Shaoxing, Zhejiang.

  17. Hi !
    Please, May I know the linoleum (which is also called PVC Vinyl Floor) wholesale market. Thanks.

  18. Hello
    We are expanding market on bedding sets for households and hotels. We are looking for a supplier who is able to provide us excellent quality products as well as having supportive policies. And next month, I’am going to China looking for bedding sets. Do you introduce me some market? Thank you

    1. Hello Thu,
      there are markets for hotel supplies. According to 2guangzhou you can find bedding sets at the Nantian International Hotel Supplies Wholesale Market. More markets can be found on GZ Shopper. I hope you will have a good and safe journey!

  19. I am looking for a shirt button market in Guangzhou. Can anybody give me the proper market address?

  20. Please, I would like to know where I can find men boxers, singlets, panties, and men shirts and khaki.

  21. I am looking to open the first women’s clothing boutique and would like to know, where in Guangzhou I will find products with good quality and reasonable prices … (blouses, jacket, skirts, shirts, top, pants and dress).

    1. Hey Nahla, I would recommend the markets south of the Railway Station to you. You will find all the products there. If the prices there are too high, you can visit the markets on Zhanxi Road (Station West Road), they are not far away from the Railway Station. The wholesalers on Shisan Hang Road also offer medium to high quality. There, I would recommend visiting the upper floors in the New China Building, for better quality.

  22. Hi Simon,
    I want to buy wholesale gadgets in small quantities, but so many varieties (dash cam, phones, IP cam).
    If you have any suggestions in Guangzhou or Shenzhen.
    Many thanks.

    1. Hi Adam, in Guangzhou there are two areas for electronics: Gangding in Tianhe District (Gangding Subway Station on line 3, See GZ Travel Guide) and Zhongshen Liu Road in YueXiu District (near Gongyuanqian Subway Station on line 1 or line 2).

      Shenzhen is more famous for electronics, especially the Huaqiangbei Area (See Welcome to China).

    1. Most markets are closed from the 1st to the 4th of October. Another reason not to visit them in the next days is the massive traffic jam everywhere at the beginning and the end of the holidays.

  23. Hello,
    Do you know any stock lot market for cotton twill, cotton linen, and corduroy other than Foshan Pingdi market in Guangdong?

    1. Hello Saurav,
      you can get these fabrics in the Zhongda Fabric Market Area, but there is no market which is famous for fabric stock lots. Most vendors have a few rolls on stock, if you want larger quantities they will take the fabric from their warehouse, produce it or buy it from their suppliers. I also don’t know any market in Guangdong Province for fabric stock lots.

  24. Hello Simon
    Your advise is so valuable. Thank you!!! We are searching for good places to go for medium to good quality quirky/un-usual knitwear made from mainly wool (not just synthetics) Could you please help us with some recommendations? Sinja

  25. Hi Simon,

    We’ll be visiting Guangzhou soon and would like to check out the wholesale markets for retail. Looking for medium quality but affordable clothing ( men, women’s and kids), preferably those sourced by blogshop suppliers.

    Appreciate your advice on the top 3 wholesale markets for i. Men ii. Women iii. Kids clothing respectively.

    Additionally, for wholesale and retail, what’s the usual quantity of purchase?

    Thanks much!! 🙂

  26. Hi, I am looking for shawls in cashmere and stoles. Can you recommend wholesale markets, where I can find them? And also, when is a good time to visit them? Thanks!

    1. Hello Joan,
      For shawls and stoles, I would recommend you to go to the area south of the Railway Station (e.g. Baima Market, Liuhua Market). You can also find several wholesalers in the area around Shisan Hang Road, but the Railway Station generally has a better quality. I do not know, whether they have shawls made of cashmere. You also have to be careful that you really get cashmere, when they say that it is cashmere. If the price is too good, it is probably because it is no cashmere or only a cashmere blend. The best time is autumn and winter because most customers are from China and they will not buy these items in summer (Therefore fewer shops will offer them).

  27. Hello.
    I’m looking for handbags for ladies. Where can I find them? Is there any budget hotel nearby?

    1. Hello Suzana,
      The best place for Handbags is Sanyuanli. There is a Metro Station in Sanyuanli, but Guangzhou Railway Station is closer to the markets. Sanyuanli is a big area. For Handbags, you should visit the markets on Jiefang Road, the Guangzhou Baiyun World Leather Trading Centre and the neighboring markets. The cheapest hotels nearby are the Yile Hotel and the 7 Days Inn. The YAT House is closer to the markets, but also a bit more expensive. These links lead you to On the hotel profile pages, you can also click “show map” after you entered your travel dates, to see all available hotels nearby. (These are no affiliate links.)

  28. Hi Simon,

    I need to buy wholesale clothes, shoes, and bags of medium quality. Which markets can you recommend and how do I get there, if I am on Jiangnan ave (wedding dress street) Guangzhou?

    1. Hello Cecilia,
      I just can provide general advice. For Clothing, there are four areas. You can find them on our pages about the market areas and the clothing wholesale markets. Choose the area depending on your price and quality requirements.
      For bags visit the Sanyuanli area (near Guangzhou Railway Station). You will also find shoes in Sanyuanli, but the markets on Zhan Xi Road specialize in them. You can go to all the areas by subway. Start at the Second Workers’ Cultural Palace (on Jiangnan Avenue). For the markets on Zhan Xi Road and in Sanyuanli, you exit at Guangzhou Railway Station.

  29. Hi Simon. I hear there is also Yiwu market. Which is the best market place, between Yiwu and Guangzhou market for someone who wants to place bulk orders for business.

    1. Hi Candy, Yiwu is in Zhejiang province, over 1.000 kilometers from here. I never went there, so I don’t know the markets.
      What I read is that Yiwu offers a more diverse range of products. There you can find all kinds of small commodities. Guangzhou is more focused on Fashion, Shoes, Fabrics, and Accessories. Both places suit for bulk orders, it just depends on the products you are looking for.

      I like that Guangzhou is close to Hong Kong. You can fly to Hong Kong and take the ferry from the airport to Guangzhou.

  30. Hello Simon,

    I am looking for a place to source accessories and metal fittings related to leather industry. Any idea, where can I go to?
    I already visited Zhongda area, which is more of fabric and garment accessories.

  31. I am looking for wholesale markets for hair accessories or salon equipment. As I run a hair salon chain. May I know which part of Guangzhou should I go to? I know YiDe road is for Toys.

    1. I am not really familiar with hair accessories and salon equipment, but the markets around Yide Road and Haizhu Square have all kinds of small commodities. You should be able to find headbands, hairbands, hair rings, and bows. Please view the pictures on tripadvisor, then you can see whether the items fit you.

      Regarding salon equipment, maybe hotel article markets might be an option for you? Take a look at the following pages on and Guangzhou Travel Guide.

  32. Hi Simon! Where can I find men’s clothing and stuff in Guangzhou? I went to Shishanhang, but there were only women’s clothes! Thank you!!

    1. Hi Robitan, it’s not so easy to find men’s clothing, because the turnover of women’s clothing is much higher. Close to Shisan Hang Road, there is Heping East Road, where several men’s clothing stores are. I am not sure about prices and quality, and I guess they focus on retail.

      There are only two wholesale markets in Guangzhou, which specialize in men’s clothing. Shijing Guoda Men’s Clothing City and Yinma International Men’s Clothing City. They are both in Shijing, a sub-district of Baiyun. Shiling is 10 km north of the Guangzhou Railway Station.

      There are also some shops in the area south of the railway station.

  33. Hello Simon, I am looking for Christmas decoration for Christmas time such as artificial Christmas tree, glitter, decorative lights, flowers decoration for home and street. And also and festive decoration and gifts items for Valentine’s day etc. Please help me! Where can I find the wholesale markets?

    1. The area around Yide Road and Haizhu Square is the place to go for all kinds of decorative items and small commodities. I am not sure whether they already have Christmas decoration now. On this post from you see a few pictures from that area.

  34. Hi Simon. I’m looking for hiking and running clothes, accessories and shoes. Would you please help me to find the wholesale markets. Thank you.

  35. Hello Simon. I am looking for wedding dresses in Guangzhou. Please help me. I am already here and feel lost.

    1. Hello Oruni,
      Jiangnan Dadao Bei (Jiangnan Avenue North, 广州市海珠区江南大道北) is the place to go. It is called the wedding dress street. The stores there are open daily between 11 am and 7 pm (some already close at 6 pm). You can get all kinds of prices there, from cheap mass products to higher-prized made-to-measure gowns. Evening dresses are available, too.

      To go there, simply take the metro. The station is called “Second workers’ cultural palace” (市二宫) and can be reached by line 2.
      I hope you have a nice stay in China!

  36. Please recommend wholesale markets for bathroom accessories and sanitary ware for export in Guangdong. Thanks.

  37. Hi! My name is Sade, I have a wholesale clothing website and I am looking for wholesale clothing for young women, mostly mini dresses and crop tops of bright color. I also want fur and other trendy items in style for young women!

  38. Hi, at which wholesale markers or warehouses can I buy plus size US 16-22W dresses, jumpsuits, and blouses in bulk purchases (wholesale) at very cheap prices?

  39. Hello Simon,

    I am Pasha, I am looking for stoles or headscarf wholesale markets. Can you advise me please in which market I can get my requirements at affordable prices?

    In addition, can you advise me on the stock lot markets for headscarfs or stoles, where stock lots are available and we can find and buy them for very cheap prices according to our market?

    Waiting for your earliest appreciative response.

    Thank you so much.

    1. Hello Pasha,
      For scarfs and stoles, I recommend you to visit the garment wholesale markets around Guangzhou Railway Station. The Jiahe Center has accessories on the 4th and 5th floor.
      I am not sure if the prices there are suitable for you. The cheapest area is Shahe, but I am not sure if you can find scarfs and stoles there.

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