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Do you have trouble finding the right fabrics for your next project or do you work with a manufacturer who creates awesome products, but is less good at sourcing fabrics? Then we have the solution for you! We quickly find all the fabrics you are looking for!

You just need to tell us which fabrics you want! Then we will select fabric swatches and send them to you, so that you can judge the look and feel. When you place an order, we collect all the fabrics and send them to you on your preferred way!

Fabric Sourcing in China – Examplary Fabrics

  • Denim Sourcing & Wholesale China


  • Flannel Fabric Sourcing China


  • Lace Fabric Sourcing / Wholesale

    Lace Fabric

  • Linen Fabric


  • Organic Cotton sourcing & Wholesale

    Organic Cotton

  • Rayon Fabric China


  • Swimwear Fabric China

    Swimwear Fabric

  • Tulle Fabric Sourcing China

    Tulle / Net

Custom Prints

Not only plain fabrics are available, but also many printed fabrics. If you have your own print design, we can print it on the fabric of choice, so that you get exactly what you are looking for!

We are able to use different printing processes, e.g. digital printing and screen printing.

Easy Fabric Sourcing Process

  1. Tell us which fabrics you are looking for!
  2. We send lots of fabric swatches to you, so that you can judge the look and feel!
  3. Select the fabrics that fit your style.
  4. We collect all the fabrics and ship them to you!

Flexible Delivery Options

We cater to the unique needs of our diverse customer group and offer flexible delivery options. Whether you manufacture yourself, let us manufacture your clothing or work with another manufacturer, our fabric sourcing team makes sure that you get the right fabrics when you need them and where you need them!

Your Company

Of course, we can ship the fabrics to you. We ship them world wide to your office, warehouse, your production facility or wherever you want. Shipping options include express shipping (e.g. by DHL, FedEx, UPS), air freight and sea freight. Just tell us which way you prefer!

Your Manufacturer

Your manufacturer does great work, but is less good at sourcing? Let us source the fabrics! We send free* fabric swatches to you, so that you can judge their look and feel. When you decided for the right fabric, we send it directly to your manufacturer.

Our Factory

Our main business is the production of fully customized clothing and custom swimwear. We source the fabrics and garment accessories for each order according to our customers requests. This way we make sure that our customers have 100 % control over the fabric quality.

*free: The fabric swatches are free, but you have to provide the shipping costs or tell us your DHL/FedEx/UPS account, so that you will be charged directly.

Let’s get your project started! Tell us about it!



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