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We give you access to a gigantic accessory portfolio with millions of unique items! Benefit from the advantages of our garment accessory sourcing service and join fashion designers, successful manufacturers and the leading fashion retailers around the globe!

Just like the fabric, garment accessories play an important roll for the design of fashionable clothing. The right choice of accessories can significantly increase the perceived value of your clothing. Thereby you benefit from an increased willingness to pay.

Our Garment Accessory Portfolio – Examplary Items

These are just a few exemplary items. We are sure, whatever you need for your next project can be found!

  • Button Sourcing & wholesale China


  • Beads Sourcing & wholesale China


  • Embroidered Tape / Ribbons

    Embroidered Tape

  • Rhinestone Sourcing & Wholesale China


  • Clothing Patch Sourcing & Wholesale China

    Sew-On Patches

  • Tassel Sourcing & Wholesale China


  • Yarn Sourcing & Wholesale China

    Yarn / Thread

  • Zipper Sourcing & Wholesale China


Garment Accessory Sourcing With Flexible Delivery Options

We cater to the unique needs of our diverse customer group and offer flexible delivery options. Thereby you always receive the garment accessories when you need them and where you need them.

Your Company

Of course, we can ship the garment accessories to you. We ship them world wide to your office, warehouse, your production facility or wherever you want. Shipping options include express shipping (e.g. by DHL, FedEx, UPS), air freight and sea freight. Just tell us which way you prefer!

Your Manufacturer

Your manufacturer does great work, but is less good at sourcing? Then let us source the materials! First we send free* samples to you, so that you can judge their look and feel. When you decided for the right items, we send them directly to your manufacturer.

Our Factory

Our main business is the production of fully customized clothing and custom swimwear. In order to make sure, that our customers have 100 % control over the materials used for their clothing, we source the fabrics and garment accessories for each order according to their requests.

*free: the accessory samples are usually free, but you have to provide the shipping costs or tell us your DHL / FedEx / UPS account, so that you will be charged directly.

Let’s get your project started! Tell us about it!

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