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We are a professional women’s clothing manufacturer and produce good quality garments, mainly for Europe, Australia, and North-America. Our clothing factory is well-equiped with professional machines and operated by a skilled and experienced team.

As a private label clothing manufacturer, we brand the clothing with your labels and hang tags. We specialize in the production of custom women’s clothing and manufacture all garments according to your designs and requirements.

Fully-Customized Women’s Clothing

  • Women's Shirt Manufacturer China


  • T-Shirt Manufacturer China


  • Women's Hoodie Manufacturer China


  • Women's Top Manufacturer China


  • Women Skirt Manufacturer China


  • Dress Manufacturer


Minimum Order Quantity

Our minimum order quantity is only 100 pieces per style / per color. Please understand, that we cannot produce lower quantities!

Maximum Capacity

We are able to produce up to 100,000 pieces per month! Because of our flexibility, we are the ideal partner for growing companies!

Let’s start to bring your clothing collection to life! Tell us about your plans!



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