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We are a professional kids’ wear manufacturer and specialize in the production of custom children’s clothing. We manufacture kids’ clothing completely according to your designs and give you full controll over the branding and packaging of your products.

As a private label clothing manufacturer, we garnish our kids’ apparel with your brand labels and custom care labels. Our international management team and our unique company culture differentiate us from other kids’ clothing manufacturers in China.

Custom Girls’ Clothing Manufacturer

We love to produce girls’ clothing that highlights the natural beauty of young ladies. Each item is made with love and a strong focus on details.

  • Girls' Dungarees Manufacturer China


  • Girls' Hoodie Manufacturer China


  •  Girls' Blouse Factory China


  • Girls' Sweaters Manufacturer China


  • Girls T-Shirts Manufacturer


  • Girls Leggings Manufacturer China


  • Girls Jeans Manufacturer China


  • Girls Dresses China


Custom Boys’ Clothing Manufacturer

Whether you want to sell comfortable t-shirts and shorts or fashionable shirts and trousers, we’ve got you covered! We produce your boys clothing collection completely according to your designs. Just send us your designs information, then we’ll bring them to life, and you can start selling!

Custom Baby’Clothing Manufacturer

Last but not least, we produce clothing for babies. Our experienced team creates durable garments that withstand the frequent clothing changes, required by infants. You can chose from a wide range of soft fabrics, that are suitable for tender toddler skin!

Let’s get your project started! Tell us about your plans!



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