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Dongguan City is not as famous as Guangzhou, but it has a developed fashion industry, which is worth to take a look at. Beside many clothing manufacturers, there are several wholesale markets offering clothing and fashion accessories as well as fabrics and garment accessories.

The markets are mainly concentrated in townships in the south-west of Dongguan City. Humen Town has fabric & accessory markets, as well as fashion wholesale markets. Houjie is famous for its shoe wholesale markets and in Dalang it’s all about knitwear.

Dongguan Humen Fabric and Accessory Markets

Dongguan Humen Fabric and Accessory Markets

Although the fabric market in Humen Town is not as big as the Zhongda Fabric market in Guangzhou, it offers all kinds of fabrics and garment accessories needed for the clothing production.

While the prices in Guangzhou and Humen are similar, the suppliers in Humen are more generous and it is easier to get accessory samples and fabric swatches. The markets open daily from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm.

Let’s take a closer look at the fabric and accessory markets!

Dongguan Humen Clothing Wholesale Markets

Dongguan Humen Clothing Wholesale Markets

Humen Town has an extensive fashion industry with many clothing manufacturers. No wonder, there are also several wholesale markets for clothing, kids’ wear, garment accessories, and small commodities.

The markets are mainly on and around Yinlong Road, a street where several wholesale markets, retail markets, and stores offer all kinds of fashion products. While most customers are from China, there are also customers who export the garments. Are you up for a virtual visit to the Dongguan clothing wholesale markets?

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  1. I’d like to visit Dongguan city to purchase men’s wears such as t-shirts, jeans, shoes, etc. in wholesale. Please kindly give me the best market for t-shirts and jeans to visit in Dongguan. Thanks.

    1. Hello Owolabi,
      I recommend you to visit the clothing markets in Humen Town, where you can get all products in one place. For Jeans and T-Shirts, you can visit the Humen Fumin Fashion City and the Huanghe Fashion City. You can find Shoes in the basement of the Oriental International Fashion Trading Market. Humen is not close to the center of Dongguan, so you better search for a Hotel in Humen.

      If you want to have lots of choices for Jeans, you can visit the Xintang International Jeans Town. Xintang belongs to Guangzhou, but it is close to Dongguan.

      For Shoes, you can also visit Houjie Town, which is near Humen Town. I haven’t visited the markets yet, but Houjie specializes in the production of shoes so that you will have a lot of choices.

      Because of the Corona Virus, foreigners are currently not allowed to enter China. If you already have a visa, please check with the embassy if it is still valid.

  2. I want to come to China as soon as traveling is possible. I would like to know where the best place is to buy wholesale high-end bags, clothes, and shoes.

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