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Humen Town has an well-developed fashion industry with many clothing manufacturers. The Dongguan Humen garment wholesale markets distribute clothing, kids’ wear, and fashion accessories to local and international customers.

The market buildings are in the center of Humen Town, so that there are several restaurants, hotels, banks and ATM nearby. The retail stores and the night market next to the wholesale markets made the area also a popular place for private shopping tours.

Dongguan Humen Clothing Market Map

As you can see on the map below, the markets mainly concentrate around Yinlong Road. Only the Humen Fumin Kids’ Wear Center is about 2.4 kilometers (1.5 miles) further east, on Humen Avenue. The Huanghe Tower at the intersection of Yinlong Road and Humen Avenue is the highest building in Humen Town and therefore a good orientation point.

What can I purchase in Humen?

Although most of the fashion wholesale markets in Humen Town specialize in kids’ wear and women’s clothing, you can also get various other products:

The Yulong Commodity Wholesale Market offers all kinds of fashion accessories and small commodities.

In the basement of the Oriental International Fashion Trading Market you can get shoes as well as leather accessories.

Dongguan Clothing Manufacturers

Humen Town is not only a good place for purchases at the clothing wholesale markets but also for the clothing production.

We can produce clothing completely according to your designs and branded with your labels. Our experienced sourcing team can get all kinds of fabrics, so that there is no limit of choice.

The Dongguan fabric markets are only 200 meters from our office away.

List of Clothing Wholesale Markets in Dongguan

This list gives you an impression of the fashion wholesale markets in Humen Town, Dongguan City.

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    1. Hello Gagan,
      You have a better chance to find those items in Guangzhou. Wholesale markets like Guangzhou Baima Garment Market and Huimei International Fashion City, which are located near Guangzhou Railway Station are a good place to look. They have quality garments that fit for European customers.

  1. How can we get there from Guangzhou? Which is the easiest and fastest way?
    Currently, we bought from Zhongshan Ba. Will they be cheaper and bigger than Zhongshan Ba in Guangzhou?
    Thank you for your information!

    1. Hello Zhu Se Na, there is a bus that fluctuates between the Zhongda Fabric Market and the clothing wholesale markets in Humen Town. They are stopping at the Guangzhou International Textile City. The markets in Humen are smaller than in Guangzhou. I don’t know, which place is cheaper. If you need cheap children’s clothing, you can also look at Shahe in Guangzhou!

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