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The Shahe Clothes Wholesale Market is a famous marketplace in Guangzhou. The wholesale markets in Shahe are known for the relative low prices compared to other clothing wholesale markets. The quality of the garments is usually low to medium.

In Shahe, there are markets for clothing as well as kids’ wear. Some markets have left-over stock-lots. The markets open early in the morning and close in the early afternoon. You better come here early and visit other areas in the afternoon.

Map of the Shahe Clothes Wholesale Market

The wholesale markets are located on three streets: Lianquan Road (濂泉街), Meidong North Extended Line (梅东北延长线) and Xianlie East Road (先烈东路) in the south. Xianlie Road is also the place where the Shaheding Subway Station and the bus stops are located. It’s a good place to start your visit. The biggest market is the Guangdong Yimin Clothing Market, which is located between the two railway tracks in the north.

List of Wholesale Markets

This alphabetical list contains the sixteen wholesale markets in Shahe Village.

Other Marketplaces

In Guangzhou there are several wholesale marketplaces, where you can get clothing and children’s wear.

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  1. Sir, I want to make a shop of ready made garments and I have searched your wholesale market on less price. Please tell me what is the method of payments and sent me also a catalog of your products via email. I am from Italy.

    1. Dear Mr. Singh,
      if you purchase products at the wholesale markets the payment is usually made cash. We cannot send you a catalog of the products, because there are more than 100 wholesale markets in Guangzhou and in each of them there are hundreds of wholesalers, who offer their own products.
      Kind regards.

  2. Hi, I’m Zie from Malaysia… I want to buy dance costume.. Can I know how to get there(Shahe clothes wholesale market) from Guangzhou railway station and is there any metro to get there …. Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Zie,
      The next station is Shaheding. It is on Xianlie East Road, south of the wholesale market area. It is 500 meters away from the southern wholesale markets, which make a more modern appearance than the northern markets. When you start at Guangzhou Railway Station you can take line 5 to Ouzhuang (区庄) and then with line 6 to Shaheding (沙河顶).
      Best regards,

  3. Hi
    Can I know how to get in this Urban Trend Professional Kids’ Wear City and Beicheng by metro from Sanyuanli?

    1. Hello Zainab, from Sanyuanli you can go with line 2 to Guangzhou Railway Station (广州火车站), from there you take line 5 to Ouzhuang (区庄)。 Now you can take Line 6 to Shaheding (沙河顶). For easy orientation, I would recommend to print out the Guangzhou Metro Map. According to, the journey takes 24 minutes and costs 3 Yuan. From the station, the Urban Trend Professional Kids’ Wear City is 800 meters away. The Beicheng Children’s Wear world is about 1 km away.

  4. Hi,
    Sir can you tell me how I can send all goods which I bought from China to India. Can you tell me the procedure? Or are there any carriers available??

    1. Hello Bruk,
      at Xiaobei Metro Station you can take Line 5 into the direction Wenchong (文冲). Two Stations from there, at Ouzhuang Station (区庄), you change to Line 6 into the direction Changban (长湴). Two stations later you arrive at Shaheding Station (沙河顶), which is on Xianlie East Road in Shahe. Trains go every seven minutes, the journey takes 19 minutes. From Shaheding you have to walk a few hundred meters until you see the first markets (Wanjia, Shadong Youli, and Jinma) on the left side of the street.

  5. Hi, can you please advise how I can send the goods I bought from the wholesale market to Hong Kong and Singapore. What are the charges like?

    Appreciate your reply.


  6. Dear Simon Kanne,
    Trust you are fine.
    I just want to know if sports garments are sold in Shahe Market?
    If need search from shop to shop or have a specific region?
    For example tracksuits and football jersey
    Thanks to give me some tips
    Wish you a good search

    1. I am sorry, I don’t really know about sportswear in Shahe. There is no market, which specializes in sportswear.
      The only place I can recommend is the first floor of the Wanjia Clothes Wholesale Plaza (According to: B.I.G.)

  7. Hi, I would like to check, if there is any kids’ clothes wholesaler that you recommend?
    I am looking at exporting to Singapore.

    1. Hello Winnie,
      I can’t recommend a specific wholesaler, because it always depends on the garments, the style, and the quality you are looking for. In Shahe, I would recommend you to visit the Urban Trend Professional Kids’ Wear City or the northern area ( Yimin, Tianbao, Shadong Youli).

  8. Hello Simon,
    I heard, old designs of good quality clothes are sold by kg in Dongguan City. Do you know? Please help me!

  9. Hi, would you tell me where the biggest market for qipao/Chinese dress/cheongsam in Guangzhou is, Simon?
    Thank you 🙂

  10. Please, can you give me an idea how far away is Shahe Market from Guangzhou Hotel? Or can you recommend a 3/4 Star Hotel in the Shahe Market area?
    Please, can you also tell me how far away is Tianhe District from Liwan District?

    Thank you!

    1. Hello Cynthia! Guangzhou is huge and there are hundreds of hotels. In Shahe, the Vienna Hotel makes a good impression. Its location is near the metro station and not far from the markets. You can find more hotels on Shisan Hang and Zhongshan Ba Lu (which are both in Liwan District) are 10 kilometers away from Shahe. With the metro from Shaheding Station, it takes 20 or 30 minutes. Have a nice trip!

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