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The Guangzhou Railway Station Market is a well-known clothing marketplace in Guangzhou. There are nineteen clothing wholesale markets, each with hundreds or thousands of wholesalers. On this page, we provide an in-depth introduction to the area.

The wholesale markets are known for their relative good quality. However, the prices are higher than in other marketplaces in Guangzhou. Therefore, we recommend you to consider to visit the nearby Zhan Xi Lu Garment Wholesale Market, as well.

Introduction to the Guangzhou Railway Station Market


The wholesale markets offer various garments. Visitors can get clothing for men and women, underwear, and accessories. You can find the three underwear wholesale markets in the south of Zhanqian Road (see map below).

If you are interested in leather accessories like handbags, head over to the nearby Sanyuanli Leather Market.

Guangzhou Railway Station Shopping

In and around the markets there are many companies, which do not only wholesale but also retail. Among tourists, the Guangzhou Railway Station Market is popular for shopping.

You can get clothing, lingerie, and accessories, as well as suitcases and bags. For single items, you will not get the wholesale prices. Therefore, you should check, whether or not you still make a bargain.


The address of the train station is No. 159, Huanshi Xi Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou; Chinese: 广州火车站 – 广州市越秀区环市西路159号.

How to go to the market?

Of course, when you are in another city, it makes sense to take the train to Guangzhou. In contrast, within Guangzhou, it is usually better to take the metro (line 2 or line 5).

Another option is to take one of the numerous buses. The Guangzhou Airport Shuttle Bus stops at the Xiang Bin Airport Ticketing Office (祥滨飞机票代售处) near the Railway Station.

Map of the Guangzhou Railway Station Market

This map contains all clothing wholesale markets around the Railway Station. As you can see, the market buildings spread along Zhanqian Road, Zhannan Road, and Renmin North Road. There are also markets in the west on Zhan Xi Road, known as the Zhan Xi Lu Garment Wholesale Market. You can find a pictured list of all market buildings below.

Wholesale Markets South Of The Railway Station

This list contains the nineteen wholesale markets south of the Railway Station. We list all markets that are related to fashion business. The Kangle Jeans Town, which we previously listed on this page, closed in 2017.

Clothing Wholesale Markets on Zhan Xi Road

The following list contains clothing wholesale markets on Zhan Xi Lu, which are usually a bit cheaper and might be interesting for visitors of the Guangzhou Railway Station Wholesale Markets. In order to view all the markets (including the shoe and shoe material wholesale markets), visit our page about the Zhan Xi Lu Wholesale Markets.

Other Marketplaces in Guangzhou

Guangzhou is full of wholesale markets and there are several marketplaces. Zhan Xi Road Markets and the Sanyuanly Leather market are close to the Railway Station. Click on the links below or take a look at the overview of marketplaces in Guangzhou.

Credits: The picture of Guangzhou Railway Station is based on an image by Zhangzhugang (Own work) and is licensed under GFDL or CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons. Thanks for providing it!

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    1. The wholesale Markets on Zhan Xi Lu have lower prices than the markets close to the train station. Zhan Xi Lu means Station West Road, it’s the area in the north-west on the map above. You could also visit the wholesale markets in Shahe.

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    Just wondering what time the Guangzhou Railway Station Wholesale Markets close in the evening, and which one would be the best for purchasing fake shoes and men’s clothes? Thanks 🙂

  3. Hi, Simon! Can you please tell where to find all types of wholesale handbags and purses there in Guangzhou? Thank you.

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