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Although most people call this area Shijing Clothing Wholesale Market, you actually can purchase a diverse range of products. The wholesalers offer clothing, kids’ wear, underwear, leather accessories, shoes, and fabrics.

In Shijing, there are also the only two wholesale markets in Guangzhou that specialize in men’s clothing. The area is 10 km north of the railway station. There is no subway station nearby, but a taxi can bring you there quickly.

Guangzhou Shijing Wholesale Markets

This is a list of the 18 markets in Shijing. The names are good indicators for the products the makets offer. The last two markets specialize in men’s clothing.

Guangzhou Shijing Market Map

The market buildings are located around two streets: In the south, you can buy kids’ wear, shoes and leather accessories along Shitan West Road. In the north, along Shifeng Road, there are markets for clothing and fabrics. There are also two markets, which specialize in men’s clothing.

Other Marketplaces

In Guangzhou there are many wholesale marketplaces, where you can get a wide range of products.

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