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Around Haizhu Square, there are several wholesale markets, which offer all kinds of small commodities. Because of the location, the area is known as Haizhu Square Wholesale Markets and Guangzhou Yide Lu Wholesale Markets.

Business people visit the marketplace to source products like fashion jewelry, fashion accessories, toys, and stationary. Residents and tourists go there for shopping. Beijing Road, a famous shopping street, is nearby.

Markets around Haizhu Square and Yide Lu

These are the main markets around Haizhu Square. Smaller markets and stores are in the area as well.

Haizhu Square Wholesale Market Map

On this map, you can see the markets around Haizhu Square. You can find most of the buildings along Yide Road and Taikang Road. The shopping street Beijing Road is east of the markets. Other wholesale marketplaces are also not far away: The Shisanhang Clothing Wholesale Markets are near the western end of Yide Road. Jiangnan Avenue, the Wedding Dress Street, is just across the pearl river.

How to get there?

The subway station Haizhu Square (海珠广场) is right under the landmark. If you want to visit markets more distant from Haizhu Plaza, you can also exit at the stations Yide Road (一德路) and Beijing Road (北京路).

Those, who prefer to take a taxi, can show the following message to the driver. 请带我去: 广州市越秀区海珠广场

Products & Styles

The markets offer all kinds of small commodities and are popular places for sourcing and private shopping.

Beside others, you can find the following products in this area: jewelry, fashion jewelry, souvenirs, home decoration, artificial flowers, clothing, and shoes.

Other Marketplaces

In Guangzhou there are many wholesale marketplaces, where you can get a wide range of products.

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