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In Guangzhou there are several marketplaces with dozens of wholesale markets and thousands of wholesalers. Each of theses areas is dedicated to a specific product category: There is an area for fabrics and garment accessories, one for leather accessories, one for shoes and shoe materials, and several areas which specialize in different types of clothing. Take a look at our detailed overview of the top marketplaces in Guangzhou!

Guangzhou Marketplaces – Top 10

These are the top ten fashion related marketplaces in Guangzhou City. They are ordered by popularity.

Zhongda Fabrics and Accessories Market Area (18)

Zhongda Fabric Market

The Zhongda Fabric Market is the biggest marketplace for fabrics and garment accessories in southern China. In eighteen market buildings, you can find any material that you need for the clothing production.
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Zhongshan Ba Children’s Garment Market (9)

Zhongshanba childen's garment market

Along Zhongshan Ba Lu, there are eight kids’ clothing wholesale markets, which offer a good choice of clothing for children, babies, and mothers-to-be. It’s the main marketplace for kids’ wear in Guangzhou.
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Guangzhou Railway Station Market (19)

Guangzhou Railway Station Market

South of Guangzhou Railway Station, there are 19 clothing wholesale market buildings. The area is a major clothing distribution center in GZ and offers good quality clothing for medium to high prices.
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Shahe Clothing Wholesale Markets (16)

Shahe Clothes Wholesale Market Guangzhou

Since 1980 Shahe is a popular place for clothing trade. The markets are mainly open in the morning and the wholesalers offer all kinds of clothing. The area is well-known for its relative low prices.
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Shisan Hang Road Clothing Wholesale Markets (5)

Shisanhang Clothing Wholesale Market

Since centuries Shisan Hang Road is known as a business street. Nowadays it is famous for its women’s clothing wholesale markets. The prices are usually lower than around the Railway Station.
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Guangzhou Zhanxi Road Markets (24)

Zhan Xi Lu Garment Wholesale Market

On Zhan Xi Road, near the Guangzhou Railway Station, there are lots of market buildings. In the east, there are several clothing wholesale markets. In the west, you find shoes and shoe materials.
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Sanyuanli Leather Accessory Market (26)

Sanyuanli Leather Market Guangzhou

Sanyuanli is an area in the north of Guangzhou Railway Station and just one station by metro away. Most markets specialize in leather, leather accessories and shoes.
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Shijing Subdistrict – Clothing, Kids’ Wear and Shoes (18)

Guangzhou Shijing Wholesale Markets

The markets in Shijing offer a diverse product portfolio. You can find clothing for women, men, and kids as well as accessories, shoes, and fabric. In Shijing, there are the only two markets specializing in men’s clothing.
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Huadu Shiling Leather & Accessories Markets (4)

Shiling Town Leather Markets

Shiling Town is famous for its extensive leather and leather accessory markets. The town is located in Huadu District, 50 kilometers north of Guangzhou Railway Station.
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Haizhu Square & Yide Lu Wholesale Markets ()

Guangzhou Yide Lu Wholesale Markets

The markets around Haizhu Square and Yide Road offer a diverse range of products including toys, souvenirs, crafts, and fashion jewelry. The area is popular among tourists, but also a good place for sourcing.
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Other Relavant Places

The Haiyin fabric market and the Xintang International Jeans Town are both wholesale markets, which are not located in an area with other markets. On Jiangnan Avenue, the wedding dress street, there are many shops, but there are no huge market buildings with hundreds of booths, as you can find them in the other areas.

Haiyin (Highsun) Fabric Market

Haiyin Fabric Market

The Haiyin Fabric Market is a stand-alone market building, 4 km north from the Zhongda Fabric Market. You can get fabrics for curtains, beddings, dresses, shirts and suits. There are also tailors in the market.
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Xintang International Jeans Town

Xintang International Jeans Town

Xintang is a town in the east of Guangzhou, that specializes in the production of Denim & Jeans. The Xintang International Jeans Town is a stand-alone wholesale market, but it has an impressive size.
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Guangzhou Wedding Dress Market

Guangzhou Wedding Dress Market

On Jiangnan Avenue, it’s all about wedding dresses. There aren’t huge markets, but there are several stores of manufacturers and traders of wedding gowns. Some stores also offer suits and uniforms.
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Guangzhou Marketplaces Map

On this map, you can see the locations of the marketplaces in Guangzhou. Most of them are located in the center of Guangzhou (within 15 kilometers/ 10 miles from Guangzhou Railway Station). If you zoom-in, you can also see that most of these places are close to metro stations, so that it is easy to go there.

[gmap id=”22″]

Credits: The picture on top of this page is based on a photo made by TraineeCupid. The original can be found here: “PanoramaofCanton“. It is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons. The picture of Guangzhou Railway Station is based on an image by Zhangzhugang (Own work) and is licensed under GFDL or CC BY-SA 4.0-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 via Wikimedia Commons. The picture of Sanyuanli Station is based on a picture by GZMTR (Own work), licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons. Thank you!

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