Custom Clothing Manufacturer (ODM / Private Label)

  • Alamby Fashion is a professional custom clothing manufacturer and the right partner to get your own branded clothing collection manufactured in China.

    We only produce good quality clothing for the export, mainly to Europe, Australia, and North-America.

  • As an Original Design Manufacturer, also called Private Label Clothing Manufacturer, we produce garments based on your designs. The clothing is made-to-order, which means that it is specially made according to your specifications. This does not only include the design, but also the materials, the packaging, the brand labels, and the hang tags. The clothing will completely match into your brand strategy.

All Styles of Clothing – for Women, Men and Kids

Because we produce all kinds of clothing for women, men and children, you do not have to coordinate several suppliers to get your entire clothing collection made. Even though we offer a diverse product portfolio, we manage to maintain a high quality level by manufacturing each type of clothing in specialized production units. Below you see a list of exemplary items.

  • T-Shirts

  • Tank Tops

  • Blouses

  • Shirts

  • Long-Sleeves

  • Sweatshirts

  • Jackets

  • Dresses

  • Trousers

  • Jeans

  • Skirts

  • Shorts

  • Underwear

  • Sportswear

  • Accessories

  • ODM Clothing Manufacturer

    ODM stands for Original Design Manufacturer and means that we produce clothing based on your designs and branded with your logo. The clothing can be completely customized according to your wishes.

    If you do not have your own designs, we can work as OEM Clothing Manufacturer for you. As an Original Equipment Manufacturer we produce our own designs, but branded with your logo.

  • Private Label Clothing Manufacturer

    As a Private Label Clothing Manufacturer we produce clothing based on your designs and with your brand labels. We manufacture clothing with the quality your brand needs for a long-term success.

    If you do not have your own designs, we can work as White Label Clothing Manufacturer and produce our designs but with your brand labels.

Made-to-Order Clothing – Completely Customized

We produce clothing completely according to your requirements. The list below shows only a few examples of what we can do.

Customized labels are essential for the branding of your clothing collection. We therefore customize all labels according to your requirements. Neck labels, size labels, care labels and flag labels can be embroidered, woven or printed. Unleash your creativity to give your brand a unique look!

  • Printed Labels

    A popular method, because they can be produced fast and are cheap. They can contain size or care information.

  • Direct Print

    If you do not like conventional labels, we simply print your logo and all necessary information directly on the clothing.

  • Woven Labels

    Woven labels stand for quality and are more durable than printed labels. You make sure that your customers remember you!

  • Embroidery

    Embroidery is durable as well. It is a great method, if you want your clothing to stand out and have a high quality look.

  • Leather Labels

    Your logo can be embossed or printed on real leather or leather imitate. Perfect for denim and leather clothing.

If you do not request any special packaging, we pack each item in a transparent self-seal poly-bag. But we are also able to customize the packaging. For example, we can use resealable poly-bags, card board or card board boxes. The packaging can also be printed with your logo or safety instructions.

  • Self-Seal Poly-bags

    This is our standard packaging. The perfect solution, if you don’t need any special packaging and want to keep the costs low.

  • Resealable Bags

    Resealable bags are a great solution for a superior look and your clothing can easily be repacked after your customers tried it on.

  • Sliding Zipper Bags

    Sliding Zipper bags are resealable, too. Compared to the standard resealable bags, they are easier to open and close.

  • Price tags

    We can attach price labels to the hang tags and the packaging. When you receive the clothing it will be ready for sale.

  • Card-board

    Card-board hangers make sure your accessories and kids’ garments are always displayed in a unique and nice way.

  • Boxes

    You have a premium brand and want each item to be packed in a customized card-board box? That is definitely no problem for us!

These are only a few examples of what we can do. If you have other ideas for your next clothing collection, just send us a quick message below!

Custom Clothing Production Process

Our production managers guide you through the process, help you at every step and regularly give you updates about the progress. The information below give you a general overview about the ODM clothing manufacturing process.

  • Private Label Clothing Manufacturer

    1. Let’s get in Contact!

    Please send us a message through the contact form below to give us a short overview about your project. Let us know, if you have any questions. A production manager will get back to you soon!

  • Spec Sheets for Customized Clothing

    2. Your Designs

    We work based on spec sheets (tech packs) or samples from you. You are also welcome to send us fabric swatches. Based on your design information, we will provide a quotation, so that you know about the costs from the beginning on.

  • Fabrics and Garment Accessories

    3. Fabrics and Accessories

    We source the fabrics and garment accessories for each order and send pictures to you to confirm the selection. We can also send you fabric swatches and accessory samples, so that you can choose the right materials based on their look and feel.

  • ODM Priate Label Sample Production

    4. Sample Production

    For every style you want to order, we will produce a production sample. As soon as the samples are ready (usually within two weeks), we will first send you pictures and then the physical samples, so that you can check that every detail is correctly.

  • ODM Clothing Manufacturers

    5. Bulk Production

    Once you confirmed the order we can start with the bulk production. It usually takes 30 days, but may vary based on the order volume. Your production manager will confirm the time frame with you before we start with the production.

  • Custom clothing import

    6. Delivery

    Depending on the order quantity we ship goods by sea freight (usually 4 weeks), by air freight or as express parcel (usually 4-5 days). For every parcel we send, we provide the tracking number, so that you know the date of delivery.

Your Benefits

Choose Alamby Fashion for a hassle-free manufacturing process, good quality clothing, affordable prices, and a long-term business partnership. With us on your side you avoid trouble, need less time to care about the production and have more time to focus on your sales and the growth of your company!

  • Low MOQ Custom Clothing

    Low Minimum
    Order Quantity

    Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) is only 100 pieces per style / per color. Your risk is much lower, because you don’t have to buy huge bulks.

  • European Management


    We are a European managed company and integrate the western work philosophy in our operations, while we maintain the benefits of our location in China.

  • English speaking Clothing Manufacturer

    Fluent English

    Our consultants can speak English fluently and are familiar with fashion related terms. You don’t have to worry about communication problems.

  • High Quality ODM Clothing

    Good Quality

    We produce quality clothing, with you and your customers in mind. We only produce for the export, mainly to Europe, North-America and Australia.

  • Cheap Customized Clothing

    Good Prices /
    Value for Money

    We provide value for money and offer good prices for the quality we offer! Contact us through the form below, to get a free quotation from us!

  • Reliable Manufacturer in China

    Long-Term Partner

    We are looking to build long-term partnerships with you. We therefore make sure, that you are happy with our work and service. We help you with any problem!

What our customers say!

  • Working with Sofia for the past 5 years has been great. She is reliable and proactive. I definitely recommend her. ~Louis Moreau, Against Nudity
  • Sofia has been amazing. We have been very lucky to have her working with us! ~Tara Rowney, Paxton and Co

Tell us about your project!

Please send us a message through this contact form to give us a short overview about your project. Let us know, if you have any questions. We will send a copy of your message to your email address. A production manager will get back to you soon!

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