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We guide you at the wholesale markets in Guangzhou and Dongguan. We show you, where you can find the products you are looking for, and translate between you and the wholesalers. Our guides have many years of experience in the fashion industry, speak English and Chinese fluently, and know the markets well.

Guangzhou Wholesale Market

Guangzhou Wholesale Markets

Guangzhou is a thriving city. There are ten huge marketplaces with dozens of market buildings. You can get lots of products, including fabric, garment accessories, clothing, and fashion accessories. Discover the markets!

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Dongguan Wholesale Market

Dongguan Wholesale Markets

Even though Dongguan is not as known as Guangzhou, it actually is a major manufacturing hub in China and has a developed fashion industry. In Humen, there are wholesale markets for fashion, fabrics, and garment accessories.

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Guidance & Interpreting

We are not only interpreters, but experienced guides for the fabric, accessory, and fashion wholesale markets. We know these products well and have many years of experience with fabric sourcing, accessory sourcing, as well as the production of clothing.

Avoid Communication Problems

Our guides speak English and Chinese fluently and are familiar with English fabric names and business terms. We do not only speak English with our customers, but also in our company and our private life.

A Fashion Expert Right By Your Side

Many interpreters only follow you around and translate for you if needed. Our guides have many years of experience in the fashion industry and provide valuable input. We show you where to go and which suppliers you’d better avoid!

Safe Your Valuable Time!

We help you to save your valuable time. Our guides show you the right places, help you to quickly get the information you need, and assist in the organization of your visit. We hand a helping hand beyond our business relationship!

Gain a Long-Term Business Partner!

When you hire our guides, you do not only get a one-time guide. You gain a long-term business partner! Many customers hire us again or order clothing, swimwear, fabrics, or accessories from us!

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