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The Zhongshanba Children’s Garment Market is the main marketplace for children’s clothing in Guangzhou! There are eight big market buildings, in which you can find clothing for kids, babies and mothers-to-be.

The markets line up along Zhongshan Ba Lu, a section of a main-road in the center of Guangzhou. The eight kids’ wear wholesale markets are on the one-kilometer-stripe between Liwan Road and the Inner Ring Road.

Map of the Zhongshanba Children’s Garment Market

As you can see the market buildings along the road. The Zhongshanba metro station is near the markets. If you have some spare time, visit the nearby Liwan Lake.

Children’s Garment Markets on Zhongshan Ba Road

These are the markets on Zhongshan Ba Lu. The Lai King Children’s Clothing Wholesale City does not exist anymore. The building is now used by Hong Kong Jin Da Fu Jewelry.

Other Marketplaces

Below you can see some of the other marketplaces in Guangzhou. For children’s clothing you can also visit the Shahe Clothes Wholesale Markets or the Shijing Clothing & Accessory Markets.

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  1. Good morning,

    Kindly assist, I am looking for Lucky Angel, room 3072 in the Kids City. I want to buy party dresses.

    Kind regards.

    1. Hello Phallen,

      I just can tell you that it is on third floor. According to the information on the official website the shop in Room 3072 is called Baby Hippo, but I don’t know if the information are up to date.

      Kind regards,

    1. According to the floor titles I would say to look on 1F (ground level) and 2F, but they can also be on other floors. I don’t know the products of each shop, so I can’t make a recommendation. The best way is to first look around, compare prices and negotiate.

    1. Hello Salama, Zhongshan Ba Road is a good area to go. I would recommend you to visit the Fuli Kids’ City. (The other markets are not far from it.)
      The quality of the products varies between the different shops and you have to check whether the quality fits your expectations.

    1. Hello Natasha, Zhongshan Ba Lu, the street where the Kids’ City is located, is only 3 metro stations away from the main railway station in Guangzhou. The nearest hotel is probably the Ying Shang Hotel (See If you walk from there, you reach the Fuli Kids’ City within three minutes. When you follow the link, click on “show map” to see more hotels in the area.

  2. Hi
    I am planning to come to Guangzhou in August for baby shopping. It will be for personal shopping like 1pc/style not like shopkeepers buying 100pcs/style or maybe more. I would like to know if it’s worth coming to Zhongshan Ba Lu.


    1. Hi Tanvi,
      The shops don’t request you to buy 100 pieces, but I am not sure if you will find many shops that let you buy one piece. Usually, they sell to local retailers or online shops. The minimum order quantity varies from shop to shop. Some shops request the customers to buy one size set (1 piece per size, 4 or 5 pieces totally per style). Other shops ask for ten pieces, but there are also some shops which let you buy single pieces.

    1. Hi Sia,
      I don’t know where you can get school bags. I assume that they are not available at the wholesale markets because they are seasonal products and only needed when the school year begins. You can try to find a wholesaler or manufacturer online, and visit their company.

    1. Hi Kathy,
      Yes, the markets will be open on both days! They are open all year, every day (except for Chinese New Year and some public holidays). Very few people in China celebrate Christmas so that business will not be affected in any way!

  3. Are crib sheets, bibs, baby bathtubs, and other articles for babies available here? Or is it purely clothes for children and babies?

  4. Hello. I’m from India and I plan to visit China probably after a few months. I want to buy newborn baby garments, accessories, and other baby products. Can you suggest some markets for newborn baby products?

    1. Hello Abhishek,
      I would recommend you to visit the Zhong Ba Children’s Garment Plaza. Besides children’s clothing, this market also offers clothing for newborn babies and mothers-to-be.
      The other markets on Zhongshan Ba Lu are close to it.

  5. I am looking for children’s winter tracksuits and lumber jackets. Where can I buy them in Guangzhou?

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