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The Guangzhou Children’s Wear Wholesale Markets are great places to purchase kids’ clothing for your company. On this page, you find an overview of marketplaces and the kids’ wear wholesale markets in these areas.

Besides children’s wear, the markets also have clothing for babies, some clothing for mothers-to-be, and limited choice of related products. Prices and quality vary, so you better get an impression first before you start to buy.

Where to buy children’s wear in Guangzhou

Guangzhou’s main area for children’s clothing is Zhongshan Ba Lu. Along the road, eight wholesale markets specialize in kids’ wear. The wholesale markets in Shahe sell clothing for women and children. In Shijing, you can get many different products. The three kids’ wear markets are on Shitan West Road.

Map of children’s wear wholesale markets

On this map you see the location of the sixteen children’s wear wholesale markets in Guangzhou. The southern area is Eighth Zhongshan Road where seven markets are located. In the east you can see the five markets in Shahe Village. In the north there are the three markets in Shijing Subdistrict.

List of children’s clothing markets

This list contains all children’s wholesale markets in Guangzhou. There are sixteen market building, of which eight are on Zhongshan Ba Road.

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  1. Hi, I am Konstantina and I am interested in your products on kids clothes. Can you sent me a list with these products please, so I can have an idea or a catalog so I can see the products please??

    1. Hello Konstantina,

      There is no catalog for the entire wholesale market because there are hundreds of separate wholesalers and manufacturers who offer their products in each wholesale market. The company, which owns it, only rents out the shops inside the market. It is similar to a trade fair, where every company has a booth.

      The wholesalers in the Fuli Kids’ City offer for example Jackets, Dresses, Shirts, T-shirts and trousers for Children. There are also wholesalers that offer maternity clothing or products for babies.

      On the same street (Zhongshan Ba Road) there are also six other wholesale markets, which you could visit, too.

  2. I’m interested in buying children’s clothing for Somalia. Please send me more information.

    1. Hello Mahamed,
      If you want to purchase children’s clothing from the Guangzhou wholesale markets, you either need to come to Guangzhou (which is currently not possible) or you need a sourcing agent. We don’t source clothing.

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