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The Guangzhou Jinxiang Underwear Wholesale Square is an underwear wholesale market near Guangzhou Railway Station.


Map of the Jinxiang Underwear Marketplace

On this map, you can see the location of the Jinxiang Underwear Market. Next to it, there are the Jiahe Center and the Tianfu Housedress & Underwear Marketplace. Another underwear market, the Wufu International Garment Market, is in Sanyuanli, which isn’t far from the Railway station.

Facts & Figures

Name 广州金祥内衣城
Pinyin Guǎngzhōu jīnxiáng nèiyī chéng
English Guangzhou Jinxiang Underwear City
Address 广州市荔湾区站前路193号
Address No. 193, Zhanqian Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou City
Phone +86 20 8622 0015
Products Underwear
Hours x:xx a.m. – x:xx p.m.
  • xxx Shops
  • on xx,000 m²
  • on x Floors
Opened xxxx

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