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The Guangzhou Underwear Markets offer a wide variety of basic underwear and beautiful lingerie. There are only a few market buildings. In each building, there are hundreds of wholesalers so that there is a lot of choice.

The best place to visit is near the railway station, where three wholesale markets specialize in underwear and lingerie. The markets offer a wide variety of bras and panties. The majority of their products are for women.

Map: Where to buy underwear and lingerie in Guangzhou?

On the map you see the underwear wholesale markets in Guangzhou. Three of them are on Zhanqian Road, near the railway station. The Wufu Underwear market is near Sanyuanli station. The Guangda Trade City in Shijing also offers underwear.

Guangzhou Lingerie & Underwear Markets

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    1. We are a trader / importer from India. We would like to buy lingerie-underwear products. Please send us a catalog of products with prices.
      Thank you.

      1. There are thousands of wholesalers at the markets, each with hundreds of products in their collection. Therefore, we can’t create a catalog with all those items.

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