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The Guangzhou Baima Garment Market is a popular clothing wholesale market in Guangzhou. You can find it south of Guangzhou Railway Station, where 20 wholesale markets offer clothing and fashion accessories.

The market offers many fashionable garments. It is known for its high quality clothing as well as for being at the upper end of the price range.

Map of the Guangzhou Baima Garment Market

This map shows you the Baima Garment Market on Nr. 16 Zhan Nan Road (Station South Road) and the other wholesale markets south of the Railway Station and around Zhan Xi Road (Station West Road).

Facts & Figures

Name 广州白马服装市场
Pinyin Guǎngzhōu báimǎ fúzhuāng shìchǎng
English Guangzhou Baima Garment Market
Address 广州市越秀区站南路16号
Address No. 16, Zhan Nan Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City
Phone +86 20 …
Products Clothing
Hours x:xx a.m. – x:xx p.m.
  • xxx Shops
  • on xx,000 m²
  • on x Floors
Opened xxxx

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