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The Huanghe Fashion City is one of the clothing markets in Humen Town, Dongguan City. The market has seven stories, with different products on each level. You can get cothing, kids’ wear, shoes, and Hong Kong fashion.

The vendors in the fashion market accept purchases of single pieces, so it’s not only a good place for business purchases, but also for private shopping tours. If you don’t find the right product, head over to the neighboring markets.

Map of the Huang He Fashion City

The location is easy to find, as you can spot the Huanghe Tower from far away. In the highest building in Humen, there is also the 5-Star Hotel Mels Weldon and a restaurant with a great view. The entrance to the market is on YongAn Road, on the back of the building.

Facts & Figures

Name: 黄河时装城
Pinyin: Huánghé shízhuāng chéng
English: Huang’he Fashion City
Alternative: Yellow River Fashion City
Address: 东莞市虎门镇…路
Address: … Road, Humen Town, Dongguan City
Address: +86
Products: Fabrics
  • … shops
  • on …,000 m²
  • on … Floors
Hours :00 a.m. – : p.m.
Opened December 2012

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