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Besides clothing, Guangzhou is also famous for its shoe manufacturers. Guangzhou’s Shoes Wholesale Markets offer all kinds of shoes for men and women. They are gathered in a few areas so that it’s easy to view products from many suppliers.

Below you find an overview of the marketplaces and wholesale markets. You might also be interested in our pages about the leather and shoe material markets and the fashion accessory markets.

Where to buy shoes in Guangzhou?

The main areas for shoes are Zhan xi Road and Sanyuanli. In Shijing, there are only a few markets that offer shoes. The Metropolis Shoes City is a stand-alone wholesale market near Haizhu Square.

Map of the Guangzhou Shoe Wholesale Markets

On the map you see the shoe wholesale markets, which are concentrated in a few areas.

Guangzhou Shoes Wholesale Markets

This list eatures wholesale markets that specialize in shoes as well as those that offer shoes besides other products.

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