Guangzhou Zhanxi Road Markets

  • Zhanxi Road Station west Road , is famous for its watch and clock markets, but there are also several markets that offer clothing and shoes. They are mainly on Zhan Xi Road, but also on neighboring streets within the Wang Sheng Tang Village (王圣堂村).

    Zhan Xi Lu Garment Markets

    There are eight markets east of Guangyuan West Road, which offer clothing.

  • Zhan Xi Lu Shoe & Shoe Material Markets

    In the west of Guangyuan West Road there are sixteen markets that offer shoes and shoe materials.

    Clocks and Watches

    On this page we only provide information about the clothing and shoe markes. To find information about the clock and watch markets, we recommend you to visit the Guangzhou Travel Guide.

  • Zhan Xi Lu
    Pinyin:Zhàn xī lù
    English:Station West Road
    Markets offer:Clothing, Shoes
    District:Yuexiu District, Liwan District
  • Clothing Markets
    Clothing Markets
    Shoe Markets
    Shoe Markets
  • Shoe Markets
    Shoe Markets
  • Watches & Clocks
    Watches & Clocks

Guangzhou Zhanxi Road Map

On the map you can see the wholesale markets along an around Zhan Xi Lu. The markets in the east of Guangyuan West Road offer clothing, the markets in the west offer leather accessories and shoes.

Nearby Areas

Zhan Xi Lu Garment Wholesale Markets

Zhan Xi Road Shoe & Shoe Material Markets

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