Dongguan Humen Garment Wholesale Markets

  • Humen Zhai Shopping Street is a name given to Yinlong Road (银龙路) in Humen, Dongguan. Several retail and wholesale markets are located along the street and in the area around. Another common name for this street used by local residents is “Womens Street”.

    Wholesale Markets on Humen Zhai Shopping Street

    There are 8 wholesale markets where you can get cheap and fashionable products. The markets offer fashion clothing, children’s clothing and accessories. Below you can find a list of markets and a map of the area.

    Where to go?

    ladies' fashion

    If you are looking for womens clothing we recommend you to visit the Humen Fumin Fashion City first, because the wholesaler there offer fashionable garments for low prices. There are also two other markets, where you can get fashionable garments for slightly higher prices: The Broadway Fashion Market and the Lane Crawford Fashion Market. You can also find fashion wholesalers in the area around these markets.

    children's clothing

    The first choice for childrens clothing in this area is Humen Fumin Jinhui Kids’ Wear City. Another wholesale market, named Humen Meilai Kids’ Mall, is only 100 meters away. Each of these markets has around 200 stores. There are also several shops which don’t belong to a wholesale market. These stores are located around the wholesale markets and offer mainly clothing for kids and babies. So when you visit the wholesale markets, take a look at the shops around.


    If you are looking for accessories there are two markets for you. One market is the Yulong Commodity Wholesale Market, where you can get products like headgear, belts, socks, wallets, purses, necklaces and home textiles. The other market is called Oriental International Fashion Trading Market. At this market, the wholesalers mainly offer accessories made of leather. Exemplary items are handbags, purses, suitcases, shoes, gloves and wallets.

    What else is here?

    This area is quit busy and thousands of people pass this street every day. That is the reason, why it is easy to find other businesses and services, too. There are banks, ATM, a big parking lot, bus stations and several small restaurants, where you can have a rest.

    Language skills

    Most of the wholesaler don’t speak proper english, so that it is hard to trade when you are not able to speak chinese. We recommend you to hire an experienced guide!

  • Humen Zhai Shopping Street
    Pinyin:Hǔmén zhài shāngyè jiē
    English:Humen Zhai Shopping Street
    Alternative:“Womens Street”
    Address:Yinlong Road, Humen Town, Dongguan; Post Code: 523903
    Hours::00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m. (applicable for most of the markets)
    • Clothing
    • Children’s Wear
    • Accessories
    • 0.8 km / 0.5 mi
    • 8 Wholesale Markets
    • ca. x Wholesaler
    • on m²

Map of Humen Zhai shopping Street

Wholesale markets

Humen Fabrics and Accessories Wholesale Market

Another area in Humen, where several wholesale markets are located is commonly called “Humen Fabrics and Accessories Wholesale Market“. Eight wholesale markets are located there. Three markets sell fabrics, two markets sell accessories and at the other markets you can get both.

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  • reply Gagan Chopra ,

    I am looking for very European style high fashion dresses and garments for ladies.

    • reply Simon Kanne ,

      Hello Gagan,
      You have a better chance to find those items in Guangzhou. Wholesale markets like Guangzhou Baima Garment Market and Huimei International Fashion City, which are located near Guangzhou Railway Station are a good place to look. They have quality garments that fit for European customers.

    • reply Zhu Se Na ,

      How can we get there from Guangzhou? Which is the easiest and fastest way?
      Currently, we bought from Zhongshan Ba. Will they be cheaper and bigger than Zhongshan Ba in Guangzhou?
      Thank you for your information!

      • reply Simon Kanne ,

        Hello Zhu Se Na, there is a bus which fluctuates between the Zhongda Fabric Market and the clothing wholesale markets in Humen Town. They are stopping at the Guangzhou International Textile City. The markets in Humen are smaller than in Guangzhou. I don’t know, which place is cheaper. If you need cheap children’s clothing, you can also look at Shahe in Guangzhou!

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