Shisan Hang Clothing Wholesale Markets

  • The Shisan Hang Commercial Area is one of the well known wholesale market areas in Guangzhou. It’s center is the Shisan Hang Road. The wholesalers there offer various garments.

    Shisan Hang is known as a commercial area for hundreds of years. The name means 13 Industries or 13 Branches, which refers to the different businesses that were maintained there.

    Clothing Wholesale Markets

    On Shisan Hang Road there are five big wholesale markets and many small wholesale shops. The New China Building contains four of the big wholesale markets:

    • New China (Building) Clothing Wholesale City
    • Grand Times Costume Wholesale Market
    • Chida Fashion Square
    • Yaosheng Clothing Wholesale Market
  • The fifth market is the Hongbiantian Garment Trade Center, which is located in the neighboring building.

    Visit Shisan Hang Road on Baidu Streetview. When you open the link you can see the New China Building on the left. Follow Shisan Hang Road and you’ll see all the big markets on the left side of the street.


    Shisan Hang Clothing Wholesale Markets, Shisan Hang Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou City;

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  • Shisan Hang Commercial Area
    Pinyin:Shísān háng lù
    English:Shisan Hang Road
    Alternative:13 Industries / Branches
    District:Liwan District
  • New China Building
    New China Building
    Hongbiantian Building
    Hongbiantian Building
  • Hongbiantian Building
    Hongbiantian Building
  • Shisanhang Clothing Stores
    Small Stores

Map of the Shisan Hang Clothing Wholesale Street

On the map you can see Shisanhang Road. Besides the five main markets, there are many smaller shops around there. North of it, on Heping East Road, there are several men’s clothing stores.

List of wholesale markets in the Shisan Hang Commercial Area

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The picture of Guangzhou Railway Station is based on an image by Zhangzhugang (Own work) and is licensed under GFDL or CC BY-SA 4.0-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 via Wikimedia Commons.Thanks for providing it! Other spellings: Shisanhang / Shi san hang. Also called: Thirteen Factories.

  • reply Rita ,

    How to go there?

    • reply Simon Kanne ,

      Hello Rita, It depends on your starting point. The next subway stations are Culture Park or Yide Road, which can be reached by line 6.
      You can take a look at the metro map from Travel China Guide to find the right way.
      The next bus station is on Renmin South Road (人民南路 / Renmin Nan Lu), very close to the markets. You can find the buses with the Guangzhou Bus and Subway Search Tool.

    • reply Yusuf Ali ,

      I want to visit Shisan Hang women’s body-con dresses market.
      Women’s western dresses is my requirement.

      • reply Simon Kanne ,

        Hello Yusuf, I am not sure which wholesalers have body-con dresses on Shisan Hang Road, but the markets are very close to each other. Four of them are in one building, another one in the next building.

        • reply Yusuf Ali ,

          I am visiting Guangzhou on 27th of November, in 4 days. Can you please give me your mobile number, so that I can contact you?

      • reply Anna ,

        Hi. I have a question. I’m going to Guangzhou for the first time, to purchase women’s winter clothing. I chose the dates from 1.10-9.10.2018. I know that you have a holiday (PRC). Will the wholesale markets work?

        • reply Simon Kanne ,

          Hi Anna,
          Yes, the first Oktober is the National Day of the PRC and the start of the “Golden Week“. The markets will be closed for one day, but as far as I know, most shops will be open for the rest of the week!

        • reply Arlundo ,

          How to go to the Shisanhang clothes market for kids clothes wholesale markets, if I take the metro and stop at cultural park? Which exit and how far is it?

          • reply Simon Kanne ,

            Hello Arlundo,
            There are three areas with kids’ clothing wholesale markets (Zhongshanba Lu, Shahe, Shijing), but I assume you want to take the metro from Zhongshan Ba Lu to Culture Park. As you can see on the map on this page, the easiest way is from Zhongshanba Station with line 5 to Tanwei Station and then with line 6 to Culture Park Station. Take exit D, follow Zhen’An Road, go right into Shanmulan Road. Then you just go straight and you will soon be on Shisanhang Road. The subway takes 11 minutes. From the station to the markets it takes 6 minutes (400 meters / a quarter-mile).

          • reply Chhamji ,

            Hello, I am a first-time visitor to China. I am thinking that I want to do clothing business, from China to Nepal. So, at which place can I get the best clothes at a reasonable price?

            • reply Simon Kanne ,

              Hello Chhamji,
              The best clothes are usually also more expensive ones. Someone else from Nepal contacted me and he was looking for relatively low prices, so I recommend you to visit the Shahe Clothes Wholesale Market. The markets in Shijing could also fit for you. If you are looking for sweaters and other knitwear, there is a good market in Dalang Town (Dongguan City), but it is 85 kilometers from the center of Guangzhou. I hope you have a nice stay in China!

            • reply Nathalie ,

              Hi I’m travelling from London to Guangzhou and am interested in wholesale Ladies fashion clothing and swimwear. Where are the best wholesale markets to shop? And do I need to have a translator with me?

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