Wholesale markets in Tianhe District, Guangzhou

  • Tianhe is a district of Guangzhou, which is known as its financial center. The business district makes up the eastern area of the urban center of Guangzhou. In Tianhe there are also some wholesale markets, which we want to introduce to you on this page.

  • Shahe Village

    Shahe Village is a hot spot in Guangzhou with more than a dozen clothing wholesale markets being located there. The wholesalers at the Shahe Clothing Market offer clothing, mainly for adults but there are also two markets that specialize in kids’ wear.

  • Tianhe District
    Pinyin:Tiānhé qū
    English:Tianhe District
    Products:Clothing, Kids’ Wear
    More Information about Tianhe District:
    Wikipedia: Tianhe District
    Official Website: www.thnet.gov.cn/ (Chin.)
  • Shahe Clothing Market
    Shahe Clothing Markets
    Tianhe Sports Center
    Tianhe Sports Center (Wikimedia*)
  • Tianhe Sports Center
    Tianhe Sports Center (Wikimedia*)
  • Zhujiang New Town
    Zhujiang New Town (Wikimedia**)

Map of Tianhe District

List of wholesale markets in Tianhe District

Currently there are only wholesale markets listed which are located in Shahe Village.

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* The picture of Tianhe Sports center is a section of the Image Guangzhou dusk 11-5-2008” by Myouzke. It is his own work and it is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

The image of Zhujiang New Town is an section of the picture “Guangzhou dusk panorama” by chensiyuan, which is licensed under GFDL via Wikimedia Commons.