Humen Meilai Kids’ Mall

  • The Humen Meilai Kids’ Mall is one of the kids’ clothing wholesale markets in Humen, Dongguan. It is not very big but if you are looking for clothing for young kids then it might be interesting for you.


    The wholesalers at this market offer clothing for kids. Exemplary items are baby rompers, t-shirts, trousers, pullovers and shoes. Most products fit young children and babies.

    If you are looking for a bigger choice, you can visit the neighboring markets, where you can get children’s clothing, ladies’ fashion and accessories. You can also visit the Humen Fumin Kids’ Wear Center.

    Navigating in the market

  • The Meilai Kids’ Mall is not very big. The stores are located on four stories, which can be reached by elevator, escalator or stairway. Above there are plans of each story. The shops in the market are marked yellow. The purple areas are shops on ground level, which are accessible from the outside of the market. The products are mixed on each floor.

    Markets nearby

    The market is located close to several other markets near Humen Zhai Shopping Street.

    Kids’ clothing is available in the Humen Fumin Jinhui Kids’ Wear City and the Yuehua Children’s Clothing Wholesale City, too. There are also several small stores in the streets between the markets.

    The Humen Fumin Kids’ Wear Center is the biggest wholesale market for Children’s Clothing in Humen. It is located 2 km away from this market, but it can be easily reached within a few minutes.

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  • Humen Meilai Kids’ Mall
    Pinyin:Hǔmén měi lái tóngzhuāng shāngchǎng
    English:Humen Meilai Kids’ Mall
    Address:39 Yong’an Road, Humen Town, Dongguan; Post Code: 523903
    Phone:+86 769 8523 1113
    Hours:8:00 a.m. till 6:00 p.m.
    • 207 Shops
    • on 3700 m²
    • on 4 Floors
    Products:Childrens Clothing


    -1st floor: D01 ‐ D25 (26 Shops)
    1st floor: A01 ‐ A29 (36 Shops)
    2nd floor: B01 ‐ B63 (65 Shops)
    3rd floor: C01 ‐ C63 (63 Shops)

  • Shoes and kids' wear
    Shoes and kids’ wear
    baby rompers
    Baby rompers
    Kids' wear
    Kids’ wear
  • baby rompers
    Baby rompers
  • Kids' wear
    Kids’ wear

Location of the Humen Meilai Kids’ Mall

Overview of wholesale markets in Humen, Dongguan

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