Wholesale markets in Liwan District

  • Liwan District is one of the eleven districts of Guangzhou. It is a historical part of Guangzhou and was formerly known as Xiguan. Its current name means “Litchi Bay” or “Bay with litchi trees”.

    Liwan is located in the west of Guangzhou and shares its western and southern borders with Foshan City. On the other side there is the center of Guangzhou. The eastern borders adjoin Haizhu and Yuexiu District.

    The wholesale markets in Liwan mainly offer clothing for adults and children. There are two hot spots where several wholesale markets can be found: On Zhong Shan Ba Road and in the Shisan Hang Commercial Area.

    Another hot spot is the area around Guangzhou Railway Station, which is located in Yuexiu District, but close to the northeastern border of Liwan District. So some of the markets around the railway station belong to Liwan and some to Yuexiu District.

  • Zhong Shan Ba Road

    The Eighth Zhong Shan Road is known for its kids’ clothing wholesale markets. Along the street there are several markets, which offer a good choice of clothing for children and babies. Find out more and discover the markets on Zhong Shan Ba Road!

    Shisan Hang Commercial Area

    Shisan Hang is a commercial area where several garment wholesale markets are located. Its name literally means “The 13 Industries” and it attracts people from all over the world. Discover Shisan Hang and find business opportunities!

    Wholesale markets

    Below you can find a list of fashion wholesale markets in Liwan District. You can also see their location on the map.

  • Liwan District
    Pinyin:Lìwān qū
    English:Liwan District
    Products:Kids’ Wear, Clothing
    More Information about Liwan District:
    Wikipedia: Liwan District
    Official Website: www.lw.gov.cn
  • Eighth Zhong Shan Road
    Eighth Zhong Shan Road
    Shisan Hang Commercial Area
    Shisan Hang Commercial Area
  • Shisan Hang Commercial Area
    Shisan Hang Commercial Area
  • Guangzhou Railway Station
    Guangzhou Railway Station

Map of Liwan District

On the map below you can see the locations of the wholesale markets in Liwan District. The map shows the northeastern area of Liwan. The first area on top of the map shows the wholesale markets around Guangzhou Railway Station. The blue ones are in Liwan, the grey ones in Yuexiu. The markets in the middle are located along Zhongshan Ba Road. The other markets are in the Shisan Hang Commercial Area.

List of wholesale markets in Liwan District

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