Guangzhou Accessories Wholesale Markets

On this page you can find wholesale markets in Guangzhou, which offer accessories.

Guangzhou Fashion Accessories Wholesale

These markets offer fashion accessories like handbags, purses, scarfs and hats.

Guangzhou Garment Accessories Wholesale

These markets offer garment accessories like buttons, zipper, patches, ribbons, beads, rhinestones and more. Seven of eight markets are in the Zhongda Fabrics and Accessories Market Area. Only the Huabiao Shiling Leather Material Market is located in Shiling Town, which is in Huadu district, far away from the center of Guangzhou.

Guangzhou Accessories Wholesale Markets Map

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  • reply Vanj dc ,

    Where can I find markets for accessories? Where can I find markets for different laces and beads?

    • reply Simon Kanne ,

      If you click on the market pictures on this page, you come to the short profile of the market, on which we list the district and the area in which the market is. Each market page also has a map.
      Most garment accessories markets are in the Zhongda Fabric and Accessories Market Area, south of Zhongshan Daxue (Sun Yat-sen University). There are seven markets, which either have floors for accessories and lace (e.g. Guangzhou International Textile City: -1(st) Floor, Zhongda Jiuzhou: 2(nd) Floor) or specialize in accessories and lace (e.g. Changjiang Garment Accessories Plaza, Changjiang Int’l Accessories Lace Center, Ruikang Accessories & Lace World).

    • reply Hitesh Dhawan ,

      Where can I find markets for bags, backpacks, latest accessories, and backpack fabrics in Guangzhou?

      • reply Simon Kanne ,

        Hello Hitesh, for bags and backpacks I recommend Sanyuanli (especially for bags made of leather or leather imitate) and the markets south of the Railway Station, for example the Bubugao Square. For fabrics, the best place is the Zhongda Fabric Market. There is no special area for backpack fabrics, so you have to look around to find suitable fabrics.

      • reply Danyl ,

        Hi. I’m looking for suit interlinings and raw materials that are used to make suits. I’d appreciate any leads or confirmation.

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