Guangzhou Sanyuanli Leather Market

  • Sanyuanli is an area in the north of Guangzhou Railway Station and just one station by metro away.

    It is the place to go for all kinds of products made of leather or leather immitate. You can get fashion accessories like purses and hand bags.

    Some markets also offer shoes. If you are mainly looking for shoes, we recommend you to also have a look at the shoe and shoe material markets on Zhan Xi Road.

  • Sanyuanli Station
    Pinyin:Sān yuán lǐ jiēdào
    English:Sanyuanli Subdistrict
    Markets offer:Leather Goods, Shoes
    District:Baiyun District, Yuexiu District
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Map of Sanyuanli Wholesale Markets

As you can see on the map below, the market buildings are in the triangle between Guanyuan West Road, Sanyuanli Avenue and the railway in the South. Sanyuanli Station is in the north of that area. The Guangzhou Railway Station is in the south of that area, in the south of the station there is also an area with more than twenty clothing wholesale markets.

Markets in Sanyuanli Subdistrict

Below you can see the market buildings in the Sanyuanli Area.

Other hot spots in Guangzhou

Here we listed the other famous market areas in Guangzhou. You can also find wholesale markets by product category or by district.

The picture of Sanyuanli Station is based on a picture by GZMTR (Own work), licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons. Thanks for providing it!

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