Guidance at Wholesale Markets

There are several markets in Humen and Guangzhou where you can buy garments, accessories and fabrics. If you would like to visit them, we recommend you to take advantage of professional guidance. Our experienced guides know the different fabric and garment markets in Guangzhou and Humen. We know the local culture and know how to deal with suppliers.

Discover fabric and garment wholesale markets in Guangdong!

On the following pages we listed the fabric and garment wholesale markets in Guangzhou and Dongguan City for you:

  • Reasons to take advantage of our guides

    It’s not that difficult to find the markets. It more challenging to navigate through the huge markets and find exactly what you’re looking for. We can make your visit easier and more efficient! See below how you will benefit from being guided.

    • We know the local fashion industry
      We know the local fashion industry and know usual prices for the different products. We negotiate and ensure that you don’t pay too much!

    • Save your valuable time!
      The markets are huge and it may be hard to find what you want if you don’t know where to look for it. We save your time by guiding you!

    • Avoid language barriers!
      The suppliers usually don’t speak English. Our guides interpret, so that there’s no language problem for you!

    • Helpful organisation of your visit
      Our guides help to organize your visit and keep your receipts organized, so that your visit will be efficient and your goods can be picked up quickly.

    • Collection and shipping of your goods
      When your goods are ready we can collect them and manage the export to your country.

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