Lane Crawford Fashion Market

  • The Lane Crawford Fashion Market is one of the smaller clothing markets around the Humen Zhai Shopping Street. There are 62 shops in this market, which retail and wholesale their clothing.


    The shops offer fashionable clothing for women. You can get garments like dresses, skirts, jackets, trousers and tops as well as handbags, purses and a limited choice of shoes.

    The prices are good, even though the items are offered for slightly higher prices than the garments at the Fummin Fashion City.

    Navigating in the market

    The Lane Crawford Fashion Market is located in a five story building, but there are only stores on the first floor. The other four floors are used as warehouses, offices or sample rooms.

    Market plan

    The picture above shows a plan of the first floor. You can reach half of the stores from outside and there are only two crossing ways inside this market. So there is definitely no risk to get lost.

  • Our recommendation

    If you are looking for fashionable garments, we recommend you to visit the Fumin Fashion City first, cause it is much bigger so that you have a bigger choice and a better chance to get what you are looking for.

    Markets nearby

    There are some other markets around where you can buy fashionable clothing as well. The biggest and cheapest is the Humen Fumin Fashion City mentioned above. An other example is the neighboring Broadway Fashion Market. There are also several stores on the streets around, which do not belong to one of these markets.

    The Humen Fumin Jinhui Kids’ Wear City, the Humen Meilai Kids’ Mall and the Yuehua Children’s Clothing Wholesale City as well as stores on the streets around offer clothing for babies and kids.

    At the Oriental International Fashion Trading Market and the Yulong Commodity Wholesale Market you can get some accessories like handbags, purses and headgears.

    Lane Crawford in Hongkong

    This wholesale market is not related to the well known Lane Crawford specialty store in Hongkong. Both companies just use a similar name.

  • Lane Crawford Fashion Market
    Pinyin:Lián kǎ fú shízhuāng chéng
    English:Lane Crawford Fashion Market
    Address:83 Ren Yi Road, Humen Town, Dongguan; Post Code: 523903
    Phone:+86 769 85117603
    Hours:8:00 a.m. till 6:30 p.m.
    • 62 Shops
    • on 1330 m²
    • on 1 Floor (of 5 floors)
    Products:Fashion clothing for women


    1st floor – Clothing wholesale
    2nd to 5th floor – Buiness offices, wearhouse, sample rooms

    Website:No Website
    Opened:January 1994
  • Entrance
    An entrance
    Lady's fashion
    Lady’s fashion
  • Dresses
  • Lady's fashion
    Lady’s fashion

Location of the Lane Crawford Fashion Market

Overview of wholesale markets in Humen, Dongguan

Most of the wholesale markets in Humen are concentrated in two areas: Bomei and Taiping. In Bomei you can get Fabrics and Accessories at the so called Bomei Fabrics and Accessories Wholesale Market. The markets in Taiping are located along the Humen Zhai Shopping Street. The wholesalers there mainly sell fashionable garments. More information can be found on our page about wholesale markets in Humen, Dongguan!

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