Wholesale markets in Humen, Dongguan

  • Humen is known for its fashion industry and has successfully held 18 China (Humen) International Fashion Fairs. The 19th fair will follow in November this year (2014). Since 14 years Humen has established the annually held “Humen Cup” International Youth Design Contest ( for Women’s Wear).

    Hundreds of garment and fabric factories, hundreds of fashion stores as well as several garment, fabric and accessory wholesale markets can be found here.

  • The markets are located in two areas in Humen. The first area is Bomei District where six markets are located. This area is known as Bomei Fabric and Accessory Market.

    In the second area you can find the Humen Clothing Wholesale Markets. The nine markets are located along and around Humen Zhai Shopping Street, which is also known as “Women’s Street”. There you can get garments (mainly for women) and accessories.

Bomei Fabric and Accessory Wholesale Market

  • Six market buildings are located in Bomei District of Humen. Together they are commonly called Bomei Fabric and Accessory Wholesale Market, because they are all located next to each other on Renmin North Road (Chin.: 人民北路, Pinyin: Rénmín běi lù).

    The center of the market area is formed by Humen International Cloth Center, Xing Yu Accessories, Fumin Cloth Market and Fumin Leather Cloth Market. Two smaller buildings, Caifu Accessories and Bomei Fabric & Accessory Trading Center, form the southern end of this trading area. Another market building, called KTX International Fabrics & Accessories City, is currently under construction and will be located in the south of the HICC on Liansheng North Road (Chin.: 连升北路, Pinyin: Lián shēng běi lù).

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Humen Clothing Wholesale Markets on Humen Zhai Shopping Street

  • In Taiping, an area of Humen Town, there are nine markets where you can get garments and accessories. Six of them are located on Yinlong Road (Chin.: 银龙路, Pinyin: yín lóng lù). Yulong Commodity Wholesale Market offers accessories on four floors. Dongfang Guoji Fashion Trading Market specializes in leather products like belts, handbags, suitcases and shoes. At the other markets on Yinlong Road you can buy various garments. Yuehua Children’s Clothing Wholesale City, the only market located on Taisha Road, offers garments for Kids.

    If you are looking for garments, we recommend you to visit the Humen Fumin Fashion City because they offer new styles and you can get them for low prices. You can also get fashionable and new styles at the Broadway Fashion Market and Lane Crawford Fashion Market, but they are a bit more expensive.

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