Guangzhou Clothing Wholesale Markets

  • On this page you find Clothing wholesale markets in Guangzhou. Not included are wholesale markets that offer kids’ wear or underwear.

    Where to buy clothes in Guangzhou?

    The following areas are well-known clothing distribution centers in Guangzhou:

  • Guangzhou Railway Station

    Diverse range of clothing, also western and Korean style. Quality and prices higher than in other areas.

    Shahe Village & Shisan Hang Road

    Low to medium clothing for good prices. Markets mainly open in the morning.

    Shijing Subdistrict

    Markets selling ready made garments and left over stock lots for low prices.

  • Guangzhou Clothing Wholesale Markets
    Category:Clothing Wholesale
    Districts:Yuexiu, Liwan, Tianhe, Baiyun
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Map of Guangzhou Clothing wholesale markets

List of Clothing wholesale markets in Guangzhou

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