Kids’ City / Fuli Kids’ World

  • Fuli Kids’ World, also known as Kids’ City or R&F Children’s World is a wholesale market located on Eighth Zhongshan Road (Zhong Shan Ba Lu) in Liwan District of Guangzhou City, China. It is a well-known market for children’s clothing. On this page we will introduce the market to you!


    A detailed description of the products offered by the wholesales in the Kids’ City will be added soon. Below you see the official description of each floor.

    • -1F: World of Articles for Women and Babies
    •  1F: Famous Shop of Children’s Garments
    •  2F: Big World for Children’s Garments
    •  3F: Big World for Parents and Kids

    Zhongshan Ba Lu

    The Kids’ City is located in the middle of Eighth Zhongshan Road, which is a hot spot for children’s clothing. The following markets are located there, too:

    • No. 24: HBF Children’s Clothing Trade Center
    • No. 38: Zhuo Rong Comprehensive Children’s Wear Wholesale City
    • No. 43: ZY Children’s World
    • No. 50: Litang Building Children’s Wear Wholesale Market
    • No. 64: Pine Garden Kids’ Wear Store
    • No. 95: Guang Hong Kids’ Wear City
    • No. 97: Zhong Ba Children’s Garments Plaza

    You can find them on the map below as well.

  • How to get there?

    Because all the wholesale markets in that area are located close to each other we collected travel opportunities on one page. Just follow the link to learn how to get to the Zhongshan Ba Lu Wholesale Markets?

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  • Fuli Kids' World
    Pinyin:Fùlì értóng shìjiè
    English:Fuli Kids’ World
    Alternative:R&F Kids’ World
    Alternative:Kids’ City
    Products:Kids’ Clothing
    District:Liwan District
    Area:Eighth Zhongshan Road
    Street:No. 61, Eighth Zhongshan Road; Streetview
    Chin. Add.:广州市荔湾区中山八路61号
    Phone:+86 20 81195031
    +86 20 81195032
    +86 20 81195033
    Hours:‐:‐‐ a.m. – ‐:‐‐ p.m.
    • 500 Booths
    • on 20.000 m²
    • on 4 Floors (-1 to 3) (Not available)
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Key facts about the Fuli Kids’ City

The wholesalers offer kids’ clothing. It is located on Zhongshan Ba Road in Liwan District of Guangzhou. With several kids’ clothing wholesale markets along the street, the area became a well known hot spot for kids’ wear. You can find them on the map below.

Location of the Fuli Kids’ World

On this map you can see the location of the Kids’ City on Eighth Zhongshan Road: Fuli Kids’ City is marked blue, other markets in green and subway stations in red.

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  • reply Konstantina Panayiotou ,

    Hi, I am Konstantina and I am interested in your products on kids clothes. Can you sent me a list with these products please, so I can have an idea or a catalog so I can see the products please??

    • reply Simon Kanne ,

      Hello Konstantina,

      There is no catalog for the entire wholesale market because there are hundreds of separate wholesalers and manufacturers who offer their products in each wholesale market. The company, which owns it, only rents out the shops inside the market. It is similar to a trade fair, where every company has a booth.

      The wholesalers in the Fuli Kids’ City offer for example Jackets, Dresses, Shirts, T-shirts and trousers for Children. There are also wholesalers that offer maternity clothing or products for babies.

      On the same street (Zhongshan Ba Road) there are also six other wholesale markets, which you could visit, too.

    • reply Phallen ,

      Good morning,

      Kindly assist, I am looking for lucky angel room 3072. I want to buy party dresses.

      Kind regards.

      • reply Simon Kanne ,

        Hello Phallen,

        I just can tell you that it is on third floor. According to the information on the official website the shop in Room 3072 is called Baby Hippo, but I don’t know if the information are up to date.

        Kind regards,

      • reply Vanj dc ,

        I am looking for princesses costumes, which shops to go here in kids city?

        • reply Simon Kanne ,

          According to the floor titles I would say to look on 1F (ground level) and 2F, but they can also be on other floors. I don’t know the products of each shop, so I can’t make a recommendation. The best way is to first look around, compare prices and negotiate.

        • reply Natasha ,

          Is there any hotel near there and is this place near the city center?

          • reply Simon Kanne ,

            Hello Natasha, Zhongshan Ba Lu, the street where the Kids’ City is located, is only 3 metro stations away from the main railway station in Guangzhou. The nearest hotel is probably the Ying Shang Hotel (See If you walk from there, you reach the Fuli Kids’ City within three minutes. When you follow the link, click on “show map” to see more hotels in the area.

          • reply Tanvi Hurria ,

            I am planning to come to Guangzhou in August for baby shopping. It will be for personal shopping like 1pc/style not like shopkeepers buying 100pcs/style or maybe more. I would like to know if it’s worth coming to Zhongshan Ba Lu.


            • reply Simon Kanne ,

              Hi Tanvi,
              The shops don’t request you to buy 100 pieces, but I am not sure if you will find many shops that let you buy one piece. Usually, they sell to local retailers or online shops. The minimum order quantity varies from shop to shop. Some shops request the customers to buy one size set (1 piece per size, 4 or 5 pieces totally per style). Other shops ask for ten pieces, but there are also some shops which let you buy single pieces.

            • reply Kathy ,

              Hi, is the market opened on Saturday and Sunday Dec 14th and 15th?

              • reply Simon Kanne ,

                Hi Kathy,
                Yes, the markets will be open on both days! They are open all year, every day (except for Chinese New Year and some public holidays). Very few people in China celebrate Christmas so that business will not be affected in any way!

              • reply Maria ,

                Are crib sheets, bibs, baby bathtubs, and other articles for babies available here? Or is it purely clothes for children and babies?

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