Guangzhou Railway Station Wholesale Markets

  • The area around Guangzhou Railway Station is an area with many clothing wholesale markets and a major clothing distribution center in Guangzhou.

    The wholesale markets are mainly located in the south of the Railway Station on Zhanqian Road, Zhannan Road and Renmin North Road as well as in the west on Zhan Xi Road. Following the Zhan Xi Road, that area is also known as Zhan Xi Lu Clothing Wholesale Area.


    The wholesale markets offer various garments. You can get underwear, jeans, leather clothing and clothing for men and women.

    On Zhanxi Road there are also several markets which sell clocks and watches. As we specialize in fashion business the Zhanxi road watch wholesale markets are not listed on this page.

  • Address

    The train station is located at No. 159, Huanshi Xi Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou;
    Chinese: 广州市越秀区环市西路159号

    How to get there?

    You can go there by Subway with Line 2 and Line 5. There are also many buses stopping there including the Guangzhou Airport Shuttle Bus, which is stopping at the Xiang Bin Airport Ticketing Office (祥滨飞机票代售处).

    Below you can find a list of 19 wholesale markets around Guangzhou Railway Station and a map with them.

  • Guangzhou Railway Station
    Pinyin:Guǎngzhōu Huǒchēzhàn
    English:Guangzhou Railway Station
    Alternative:Zhan Xi Lu Clothing Wholesale Area
    Products:Clothing, Underwear
    District:Yuexiu, Liwan
  • Zhanqian Road
    Zhanqian Road
    Zhan Xi Lu Clothing Wholesale Market
    Zhan Xi Road / Station West Road
  • Zhan Xi Lu Clothing Wholesale Market
    Zhan Xi Road / Station West Road
  • Guangzhou Zhannan Road
    Zhan Nan Road / Station South Road

Guangzhou Railway Station Shopping

In and around the markets there are many companies which not only wholesale but also retail, so that you can go there for shopping as well. You can get clothing, suitcases & bags, lingerie and accessories.

Map of the wholesale markets around Guangzhou Railway Station

This map contains all markets listed above. Since the district border runs close to the Railway Station, most of the markets are located in Yuexiu District while some of them belong to Liwan District.

Wholesale markets south of Guangzhou Railway Station

This list contains 19 wholesale markets that are located south of Guangzhou Railway Station. We listed all relevant markets related to fashion business. They offer a variety of clothing. The Kangle Jeans Town has been closed.

Markets on Zhan Xi Road

The markets on Zhan Xi Lu (Station West Road) are usually a bit cheaper. The following list contains clothing wholesale markets on Zhan Xi Lu, which might be relevant for visitors of the Guangzhou Railway Station Wholesale Markets. To view all markets (including leather accessories and shoe wholesale markets), visit our page about Zhan Xi Road Wholesale markets.

Other hot spots in Guangzhou

Here we listed the other hot spots in Guangzhou. More information can be found on our page about market areas in Guangzhou.

The picture of Guangzhou Railway Station is based on an image by Zhangzhugang (Own work) and is licensed under GFDL or CC BY-SA 4.0-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 via Wikimedia Commons.Thanks for providing it!
  • reply Igor ,

    Super website!!!
    Maybe you know where I can find in Guangzhou major area winter women jacket.

    Please help me if you can.
    Best Regards

    • reply Simon Kanne ,

      Thank you! No area specializes in winter jackets or winter clothing in general, but as the winter is coming markets in all areas will have some.
      If the price matters, you can visit Shahe. My colleague recently found down jackets, at the Guangdong Yimin Clothing Trade City.

    • reply Chris ,


      Just wondering what time the Guangzhou Railway Station Wholesale Markets close in the evening, and which one would be the best for purchasing fake shoes and men’s clothes? Thanks 🙂

      • reply Jesse ,

        Hi, Simon! Can you please tell where to find all types of wholesale handbags and purses there in Guangzhou? Thank you.

        • reply Simon Kanne ,

          Hi Jesse, the main area for handbags is in the east of Sanyuanli, close to the railway station. The most popular market is the Guangzhou Baiyun World Leather Trading Centre, other markets are very close to it. If you want to use the subway, stop at the railway station, not Sanyuanli station. From there take a taxi. It should not cost much for such a short distance.

        • reply Ho ,

          Hello, are the wholesale market open on Sunday? Thank you.

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