Wholesale markets in Baiyun District, Guangzhou

  • On this page we provide information about the wholesale markets in Baiyun District of Guangzhou. The wholesalers offer a wide range of products, including garments, leather products, kids’ clothing and shoes.

    The markets are mainly located in two areas: Shijing and Sanyuanli Sub-district:

  • Shijing Sub-district

    Shijing is a sub-district of Baiyun and about 10 km north of Guangzhou Railway Station. There are eleven wholesale markets, which offer clothing for men and women, kids’ wear and shoes.

    Sanyuanli Sub-district

    Sanyuanli is an area in the north of Guangzhou Railway Station and just one station by metro away. Most markets specialize in leather and leather products, but there are also some kids’ wear markets.

    Below, there is a map and a list of the markets.

  • Baiyun District
    Pinyin:Báiyún qū
    English:Baiyun District
    Products:Garments, Kids’ Wear, Fabrics, Leather wear, Accessories, Shoes
    More Information about Baiyun District:
    Wikipedia: Baiyun District
  • Shijing Sub-district
    Shijing Sub-district
    Sanyuanli Sub-district
    Sanyuanli Sub-district
  • Sanyuanli Sub-district
    Sanyuanli Sub-district
  • Baiyun Mountain Entrance
    Baiyun Mountain

Map of Baiyun District

List of wholesale markets in Baiyun District

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