Ferry from Hongkong Airport (HKIA) to Humen, Dongguan

This week some customers from Australia visit Humen. They asked us how to take the ferry from the Hong Kong International Airport and we wrote a description for them. We decided to share our experience in this article and hope to help you a bit!

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    The ferry is a convenient way to travel from the HKIA to destinations in the pearl river delta. There are ferries to Dongguan Humen, Guangzhou Lianhuashan, Guangzhou Nansha, Macao (Maritime Ferry Terminal), Macao (Taipa), Shenzhen Fuyong, Shenzhen Shekou, Zhongshan, and Zhuhai Jiuzhou.


    The ferries shuttle multiple times per day between the airport and the mainland destinations. Please see the official ferry schedules. Passengers should arrive at the ticket counter at least 60 minutes before the ferry departures.

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How to take the ferry from Hong Kong

When you arrive at Hong Kong International Airport, please don’t go to the baggage pick up area or through the immigration area, because then you can’t take the ferry anymore. Going through immigration and baggage claim is not required in Hong Kong if you take the ferry. Instead, the immigration process will be done when you arrive on the Chinese mainland. Your baggage will be picked up by the ferry staff and brought onto the ferry when you bought a ticket.

Upon leaving the airplane, you go directly to the ferry ticket counter inside the airport. It’s not difficult to find it as there are signs with the text „Ferry to Mainland / Macao“ guiding you. Half an hour before the ferry departures the gate opens so that you can go to the ferry terminal. The staff at the ticket counter will tell you when you have to be there. After you go through the gate, there is an automated people mover, which will bring you to the ferry terminal (every 2 minutes).


The following video contains an introduction of Skypier and shows you how to travel from Hong Kong to the Chinese mainland or from the mainland to the airport

Travelling to Dongguan Humen

When you finally arrive at Humen Port, you leave the ferry and pick up your baggage. Then you need to follow the way through the building (there is only one) and at the end, you have to show your visa to officially enter China.

Our service

If you visit our company, or the wholesale markets in Humen, Dongguan we offer you to pick you up at the ferry terminal and bring you to your hotel. That’s simply more convenient than to look for a taxi. We can also book a hotel for you in advance.

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  • reply Krishna Kumar ,

    I am arriving at Hong Kong airport on 16th in the morning and want to catch the ferry to Guangzhou. My flight lands around 11 am. Which is next trip to Guangzhou. Please guide me.

    • reply Simon Kanne ,

      Hello Krishna,

      As far as I know, there are only three ferries to Guangzhou from the HKIA per day. At 11:20 am, 4 pm, and 6:30 pm. (See the Timetable)
      You can’t take the ferry which departs at 11:20 am because you have to be there 1 hour in advance (because they will take your luggage and bring it onto the boat).
      So the next ferry you could take would depart 5 hours after you’ll arrive at the airport, at 4 pm and arrive in Guangzhou at 5:40 pm.

      Alternatively you could take the MTR to Hung Hom, which takes around 40 minutes and then the MTR intercity through train (https://www.it3.mtr.com.hk/B2C/frmScheduleGuangdong.asp?strLang=Eng), which departs for example at 12:23 pm and 1:11 pm and arrives at Guangzhou east station 2 hours later.

      Another alternative would be to take one of the mainland coach buses, which I consider as inconvenient, because you’d have to leave the bus at the border of Hong Kong, go through a departure control when you leave Hong kong, then go to the border of China and through the Chinese immigration control.

      Before you start the journey better write down the address where you will stay in Chinese so that you can show it to Chinese people. You can write a card with 请带我去 (Please drive me to) and the address. Then you can show it to taxi drivers.

    • reply Tim ,

      I’m not certain how useful this information is because I was just refused using the ferry from Humen to HKIA because I wanted to stay in HK, they wouldn’t allow me to slight in HK. Seems stupid but people should be aware.

      • reply Simon Kanne ,

        Hello Tim, thanks for pointing that out! Yes, this ferry is only meant for people who fly to the HKIA and continue to the mainland or people who take the ferry from the mainland in order to depart from HKIA. The ferry is like an extension of the airport/flight. The passengers get a refund of the airport departure tax because the official place of departure is Humen, not HK (as far as I understand it). It is not like the ferry would stop next to the airport and the passengers were free to decide whether they go into the airport or not.

        When the ferry arrives at the airport, the passengers are meant to go into the secure area. That’s why it’s only for people with valid tickets for the same day (Passengers who connect to flights departing before 10:15 am may take the last ferry of the previous day to SkyPier). That’s also why I mentioned that people who intend to take the ferry from HKIA, should not go through immigration or baggage pickup, because in that case they would leave the secure area and cannot go back inside in order to take the ferry.

        Everyone who intends to go to Hong Kong in order to stay there can

        • take a shuttle bus / cross-border-coach from a hotel (Grand Noble Hotel offers this)
        • or take a bus from the bus terminal (at the crossing of Jiaoyu Road / Liansheng Middle Road, they don’t speak English) to Luohu (HK Border) and continue by HK Metro
        • There is also a train from Humen Station to Shenzhen North, from where you could continue by metro.

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