Shiling Town Leather Markets

  • Shiling is a town in Huadu District, in the north-west of Guangzhou. Since 1970 it has been developed into a leather-working town. The town is the main origin of leather and leather products in Guangzhou.

    Leather Markets

    There are four leather markets in Shiling. The biggest and most famous market is the Shiling International Leather Centrum, which has an incredible size. On the other side of Shiling Avenue there are the Shiling Leather Material Market and the Yihao Leather Goods & Luggage Trading Center.

  • Sanyuanli Leather Accessories Markets

    If you do not want to travel to the outskirts of Guangzhou, I recommend you to visit the Sanyuanli Leather Markets. The area north of the Railway Station is full of markets which offer leather and leather accessories.

    Zhan Xi Road Shoe Markets

    If you are looking for Shoes, Zhan Xi Road is the place to go. The markets are close to Guangzhou Railway Station.

  • Shiling International Leather Centrum
    Pinyin:Shīlǐng Zhèn
    English:Shiling Town
    Markets offer:Leather, Leather Accessories
    District:Huadu District
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Map of Shiling Wholesale Markets

The markets are located about 2.5 kilometers from the center of Shiling Town. Three of them are on Shiling Avenue. Jinwei Leather Bags Boutique City is located 500 meters north, on Baofeng South Road.

Markets in Shiling Town

These are the four wholesale markets for leather and leather accessories in Shiling Town.

Other hot spots in Guangzhou

Here we listed the other famous market areas in Guangzhou.

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