Shijing Clothing Wholesale Markets

  • Shijing is a sub-district of Baiyun District and about 10 km north of Guangzhou Railway Station.


    There are eighteen wholesale markets, which offer a diverse range of products: You can get clothing for men and women, kids’ wear, fabrics, shoes and accessories.

    On Stock

    The Jindong International Garment City is famous for left-over stock lots and branded clothing.

  • How to go there?

    There is no metro station in Shijing, so that you have to go there by bus or car.

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  • Shijing Subdistrict
    Pinyin:Shíjǐng Jiēdào
    English:Shijing Subdistrict
    Products:Clothing, Kids’Wear, Underwear, Leather Accessories, Shoes, Fabrics
    District:Baiyun District
  • Shifeng Road
    Shifeng Road
    Shitan West Road
    Shitan West Road
  • Shitan West Road
    Shitan West Road
  • Jindong Int'l Garment Trade Center
    Jindong Int’l Garment City (It’s big.)

Map of Shijing Subdistrict

The market buildings are located around two streets: In the south you can buy kids’ wear, shoes and leather accessories along Shitan West Road. In the north, along Shifeng Road, there are markets for clothing and fabrics. There are also two markets, which specialize in men’s clothing.

Markets in Shijing Subdistrict

These are the markets in alphabetical order.

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