Wholesale markets on Zhongshan Ba Lu

List of wholesale markets on the Eighth Zhongshan Road

These are the markets on Zhongshan Ba Lu. The Lai King Children’s Clothing Wholesale City does not exist anymore. The building is now used by Hong Kong Jin Da Fu Jewelry.

Map of the Eighth Zhongshan Road

Travel Information

  • Subway / Metro

    • Zhongshanba Station
      Via Line 5 you can go to Guangzhou Railway Station. It only takes 3 Stations.
    • Chen Clan Academy
      The station is located on Zhongshan 7th Road. Via Subway Line 1, you can go to Foshan and Guangzhou East Railway Station. If you change to Line 3, you can go to the Airport as well.
  • Bus

    Like the Subway Station, there is a bus station – the Guangzhou-Foshan Coach Terminal – at the junction of Zhongshan 8th Road (中山八路) and Huangsha Avenue (黄沙大道).

    There are over 20 bus lines that will take you everywhere in Guangzhou and to Foshan.

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Other hot spots in Guangzhou

Here we listed the other hot spots in Guangzhou. More information can be found on our page about market areas in Guangzhou. You can also find wholesale markets by product category or by district.

The picture of Guangzhou Railway Station is based on an image by Zhangzhugang (Own work) and is licensed under GFDL or CC BY-SA 4.0-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 via Wikimedia Commons. Thanks for providing it!

  • reply Salama ,

    I am looking for a very high quality kids clothing wholesale market.

    • reply Simon Kanne ,

      Hello Salama, Zhongshan Ba Road is a good area to go. I would recommend you to visit the Fuli Kids’ City. (The other markets are not far from it.)
      The quality of the products varies between the different shops and you have to check whether the quality fits your expectations.

    • reply aj ,

      Where is the nearest airport from this location? I’m coming from Malaysia.

    • reply Sia ,

      Please, I want children school bags, where can I get them in Guangzhou?

      • reply Simon Kanne ,

        Hi Sia,
        I don’t know where you can get school bags. I assume, that they are not available at the wholesale markets, because they are seasonal products and only needed when the school year begins. You can try to find a wholesaler or manufacturer online, and visit their company.

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