Wholesale market areas in Guangzhou

  • There are many wholesale markets in Guangzhou. In some areas, several of them are located close to each other. If you visit these marketplaces, you can see various items and you have a higher chance to find what you are looking for! On this page, we want to introduce the Guangzhou marketplaces to you.

  • On the map you can see the locations of the famous areas. Below there is also a short introduction of each area! On our website you can also find wholesale markets by product category, in each district or view our overview page about wholesale markets in Guangzhou.

Famous wholesale market places and shopping areas

On the following pages you can find all markets in the famous areas. You can find clothing for women, men and children, shoes, fabrics and all kinds of accessories.

  • Guangzhou Zhanxi Lu Markets

    Guangzhou Zhanxi Road Markets (24)

    On Zhan Xi Road, near the Railway Station, there are several markets, which offer various products, including clothing, shoes, leather accessories, leather and shoe materials. […] Read more

  • Xintang Town - Jeans & Denim Wholesale

    Xintang Town – Jeans & Denim Wholesale Markets (3)

    Xintang Town is not only the main production and trading place for denim in Guangzhou. It is the origin of a significant amount of the world wide denim production.

  • Yide Lu - Haizhu Square

    Yide Road / Haizhu Square

    The markets around Haizhu Square and along Yide Road offer a diverse range of products including toys, souvenirs, crafts and jewelry. A good place for shopping and sourcing.

  • Jiangnan Dadao Wedding Dresses

    Jiangnan Dadao Wedding Dresses Market

    On Jiangnan Avenue it’s all about wedding dresses. There aren’t huge markets, but there are several stores of manufacturers and traders of wedding gowns.

Map of Guangzhou’s Marketplaces

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